Bakewell Bridge…


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  1. Kay says:

    This is so lush and pretty! It looks like a wonderful spot to walk. . .and your pearly skies look much like those of the Pacific Northwest (U.S.) these days.

  2. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Wow! This looks so beautiful! Great shot Clairejustine! I hope your weekend is going great!

  3. pinkoddy says:

    That is beautiful. Where is it?

  4. Shanna says:

    I enjoyed looking around your blog. I admire you energy 🙂 Lovely photo by the way. Nicely processed.

  5. Nicola Carpenter says:

    Gorgeous picture!

  6. Susan Hetherington says:


  7. Becky Willoughby says:


  8. Mammasaurus says:

    Gorgeous! so peaceful 😀 The linky is back up now so I have added you in x

  9. Camille Griffiths says:

    Wow, that looks like such a beautiful place to be…

  10. Teamlloyd says:

    Stunning! Looks like a lovely place for a walk and so peaceful!

  11. Mummy Vs Work says:


  12. BavarianSojourn says:

    Lovely composition Claire 🙂

  13. Michelle Ashmore says:


  14. Nicola Thomas says:

    Wow that is a beautiful photo! I love Derbyshire I think it is a very underrated part of the world!

  15. Madge Bloom says:

    Gorgeous shot. Love the deep depth of field and the little spillway in the foreground! Thank you Clairejustine, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #33!

  16. Coombe Mill says:

    A beautiful English summer scene!

  17. ClaireEJ says:

    Fab shot! 🙂

  18. soosieboo says:

    This looks a lovely place. Great piccie!

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