Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes

Recipe courtesy of BerryWorld.

Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes. Happy Thursday friends. Fancy making some BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes? So yummy!

These vegan cupcakes are full of chocolatey goodness, the rich chocolatey flavour and the tart blackberries make’s a great combination.

Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes Ingredients.
  • Secondly, BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes Method.
  • Thirdly, Other Recipe Ideas.
BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes

How To Make BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes:

Satisfy your sweet cravings guilt-free with these Vegan Blackberry and Chocolate Cupcakes. Indulge in the rich, chocolaty goodness paired with the fruity delight of blackberries – all without any animal products.

These tasty cupcakes are not only delicious but also cruelty-free. Try our recipe today for a delightful vegan treat that’s as kind to your taste buds as it is to the planet.

Serves: 18

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

You’ll Need:

  • 250ml almond milk
  • 220g caster sugar
  • 80ml rapeseed oil
  • 1tbsp vanilla seed paste
  • 210g self-raising flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 30g cocoa powder
  • 120g blackberries, chopped if large

For The Icing:

  • 150g icing sugar
  • 20g blackberries plus extra to decorate

What To Do:

BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes:

  1. Heat the oven to 180C/160C fan and line two bun tins with fairy cake size cases. In a bowl beat together the milk, sugar, oil and vanilla until combined.
  2. Reserve 2tsp of flour then in a separate bowl sieve together the flour, cocoa and baking powder. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet until all combined. Sprinkle the reserved flour over the blackberries and gently shake them until they’re coated then gently stir into the batter.
  3. Divide the mixture between the cake cases, bake for 20-24 minutes until the cakes spring back when you gently press the tops. Leave to cool completely.
  4. While the cakes are cooling, make the icing. Roughly mash the blackberries and stir into the icing sugar.
  5. When the cakes are cold spread the icing over and top with a whole blackberry.

Note: These work best in smaller fairy cake cases. The cakes can cook and rise quickly without drying out. We’ve used almond milk but you can use any milk you prefer.

BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes

BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes:

So what do you think of this recipe? Do you also fancy trying some? Recipe courtesy of BerryWorld.

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BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes:

Also great for Veganuary. An annual campaign called Veganuary, conducted by a nonprofit organisation in the UK, encourages participants to adopt a vegan diet and way of life for the entire month of January.

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BerryWorld Vegan Blackberry And Chocolate Cupcakes
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  6. Rebecca - Glutarama
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    oooh these look utterly delicious and joy! I can actually eat them too! Never thought to put blackberry and chocolate together, how odd, Ive not done that before…will most certainly be making these little beauties.

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