Blueberries,Banana And Granola Breakfast Smoothie

Blueberries, Banana And Granola Breakfast Smoothie. Hello friends. Do you like making smoothies for breakfast? Because I do 🙂 I love making different tasty smoothies each morning for breakfast. A great start to the day too!!

Blueberries, Banana And Granola Breakfast Smoothie:

Serves 1 but can easily be doubled.


50g Blueberries

1 medium banana

50g Low fat natural yogurt

50g Deluxe fruit and nut granola

100ml Skimmed milk

Handful of ice


Firstly, chop the banana and place all ingredients into a smoothie maker.

Secondly, Place setting to mix for 30 seconds.Smooth for 30 seconds. Serve straight away.

Blueberries, Banana And Granola Breakfast Smoothie:

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