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Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough

Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough

Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough. Hello friends. Happy Friday.

It was such a beautiful morning for a run with Mollie and my husband in the woods this morning! I am so glad we got it done before the wind arrived. Boy, is it windy now!

Are you all set for the bank holiday weekend? I know I am looking forward to it. How lucky was I that my weekend off work, fell this weekend.

Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough:

It’s Like Google photos were rubbing my nose in it the other day!! Ha-ha.

So all Winter I grew my hair colour out as I wanted my hair to be healthier and this Spring I was planning a whole new look and colour but that never went ahead because of lock-down.

Then I got a reminder of this look which Google kindly notified me of a few days ago.

It looks like my hair cut plans are going to have to stay on hold a lot longer too as when my hairdressers open again, they already have 100’s of names on the waiting list!

Oh well long and grey it is then!!

These photos were taken 2 years ago today at Loughborough when we went to visit our eldest Son at University. Wow, time flies. It was such a lovely day and we got to walk around the park there.

Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough
By the river
Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough
Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough

Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough. I love this dress, it is one of my favourites.

What I Wore: Brown Polka Dot Dress: Amazon | Sandals: c/o New Look

Here Comes The Bank Holiday Weekend:

Just a 4-hour shift for me tonight and then I’m done for the weekend. Not that we are going anywhere but it will be nice to just chill.

My husband is going to pick me up a bottle of Pimms for a bank holiday weekend treat when he goes shopping. What is your favourite bank holiday drink treat? Off now to get ready for work. Speak soon xx

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Have you been taking any photos this week or have you been enjoying the sunshine too much and forgot?

My husband took this photo of me over the weekend when we went to visit our eldest Son in Loughborough.

My Daughter and I went shopping for a few things for the beach next week and I treated myself to this fun sun hat.

I was burning hot as it was lovely and sunny and decided to wear my new hat. Make sense. I stop burning and it is easier to carry the shopping bags!! Fashion Advice From A 12-Year-Old.

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What I Wore: Day Out In Loughborough:

It had been red hot all weekend long here. It has been lovely. How about you, have you had a heatwave too?

It has been almost too hot to do too much in the house too. Although we had planned a big move around in the boy’s room and we had to get it finished once we started as it was such a mess mid-move!!

It was a relief once we finished it. I wanted to flop on the floor as I was so tired! The amount of things crap we keep is unreal!

I need to Spring clean the whole house now and let go of old things. Put it this way I can not wait for the dustbin man to come on Tuesday so I can refill it with old school books that have been kept for years. What I Wore: Day Out In Loughborough.

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Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough:

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14 responses to “Brown With Polka Dots & A Memories In Loughborough”

  1. Very nice memory. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Heather says:

    So pretty!

  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    Love a polka dot Claire – a perfect spring/summer dress. Jacqui x

  4. Polka dots are so classic! And especially brown and white! Reminds me of Pretty Woman! The park is beautiful!

  5. image-in-ing: weekly photo linkup says:

    Such bold polkadots – and you can carry them off!
    Nice post. Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/05/meet-tommy.html

  6. I hear you on the hair cuts! Great memories and photos – hope you’re keeping well and thanks for joining us at #PoCoLo

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