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Capture The Colour

The lovely people over at Travel Supermarket asked me if I would like to join in with a fantastic competition that they are running.They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, rather than asking us to write a five thousand word blog post,They are inviting us to produce a blog post with up to 5 photos that really do ‘Capture the Colour’.

They are offering the winner Β£2000 to spend on travel and the five runners up an iPad each! so there are some amazing prizes up for grab’s if your lucky enough to win…

All you have to do is on your blog post, post 5 pictures that captures the following 5 colours – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red tell them where the photo was taken and try to include any other additional information about the moment the photo was taken, what you could see, smell, hear, feel and perhaps a witty caption about that photo or trip in general. If you’ve written a post about that trip on your blog in the past, be sure to link to it so people can find out more!

Easy yeh? Here is my entry…


I love this picture that my husband took on his phone the last time I did a race.This was a lovely route and only about 5-6 miles long.This race distance is great…. did you hear my husband booked us a marathon in about 9 weeks time! I remember passing this feeling great and on top of the world well near as it is the highest man made point in Nottinghamshire…

we when to Matlock baths for the day and guess what it rained nearly all the time we were there.One good thing was nobody was around so we got some amazing pictures.


Even though I didn’t get around to posting these pictures till May this was took in April and I remember thinking it’s going to be an amazing hot summer!! Thankfully it was late in coming but has been lovely since the kids broke up from school…

White –

These first trip to the beech this year and how white and yummy does this ice cream look.This was a amazing day finished of with an amazing Ice Cream


This has to be one of my favourite picture,I love everything about this one it’s fun,bright,and shows my sons personality off.We took this in London last week just before the Olympics started London 2012

About this post-

I was asked if I would like to take part in this competition and I was not paid for this post…

18 thoughts on “Capture The Colour

  1. All of these pictures are fabulous! The colors really do stand out. I can't believe your husband took the first picture with his phone. I enjoyed them all!~Jess

  2. I just wanted to stop by and tell you I have nominated you for the Sunshine award. Swing by my blog and "pick" it up sometime.

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