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Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest

Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest.

Hello friends. Yeh, the snow has gone but boo it’s been replaced with cold and wind! Not feeling the love for running yesterday I woke up with a headache and felt poorly. I decided to swap my run for a shopping trip ( but still ran later).

Boy did I feel loads better afterwards.

Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest:

Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest

Not that I brought to much 2 lovely jackets from the charity shop, some bun cases, baking bit, heart trays, bake wear and a heart plate from my favourite bargain shop.

Think I’m addicted to buying baking things more than shoes now.

Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest

Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest

What I wore:

Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest
Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest

My jackets I got from the charity shops, thinking of changing the buttons on the polka dot on and fancying it up somehow…

Been feeling tired, run down and lack of inspiration for running over the last few days. Think it the cold, wind and start of a cold. I didn’t manage my long run this weekend, I have still been running ever day!!

Runstreak Miles:

Days ran this year 29/29 #runstreak #Londonmarathon
Miles ran this month 171
Workouts 34
Now where to run today???

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16 responses to “Charity Shopping And Runstreak Latest”

  1. Irfan Butt says:

    nice collection.

  2. Ofelia says:

    Nice flowery top, incredible stamina and great yellow jacket!

  3. Emily Devine says:

    Love the floral top! And that yellow jacket is adorable! Stopping by from WIWW!

  4. Bella Q says:

    Hello CJ- yes! Anybody who is over 40 and blogs about fashion, style or beauty is welcome to the blogroll- did you say you were turning 40 soon? I'd love to add you to the list! -Bella Q

  5. Rachel says:

    I've definitely has enough cold and wind over here! That polka dot jacket is a really cute find!

  6. Judy Haughton-James says:

    I hope you are feeling better Claire. Your outfit looks great and I love those jackets! The colours are so beautiful.

  7. Style Sud-Est says:

    Hi Claire! Nice to see you! love your top and your charity shop jackets, very pretty!Our snow is almost gone as well in our fair city, warm temps for this time of year!I have been on the treadmill since i have been off work, doing good i may say but as good as you for sureAriane x

  8. Mama Syder says:

    Great outfit! Love the jackets that you got from the charity shop, they are fab! x

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