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Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day

Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day. Hello friends, happy Sunday evening.

It has been a busy weekend here. We took our 2nd eldest Son back to Uni today and stopping in Ikea for a few things on the way home.

A new rug, 2 new settee covers and a table. Guess who is painting the living room up tomorrow!!

I can not wait. We are also planning to rip out the carpet and fit a nice laminated floor, wish us luck!? Ha!

Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day

Have you noticed the Christmas things already appearing in the shops?

Nooooo… It’s too early to think about Christmas.

{I did turn my head to look at the tins of chocolate starting to pile up at the doors of the shops the other day though}.

I need to redecorate my room and kitchen before Christmas. So many plans, such little time.

I keep telling my Daughter do not mention Christmas to me yet when she gave me the countdown the other day on how many days are left until Christmas.

“Mum, do you want my Christmas list yet!?”

Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day:

How can you get away from it for a few more weeks?

Autumn has just arrived too.

It used to be rows of Halloween things appearing for sale first, then the day after Halloween the Christmas thing was replacing them.

Not anymore.

Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day

I do love Christmas though and come to think of it, I did buy a Santa mug last week!!

Do not worry, I will not be posting any more Christmas themed posts just yet.

I will be getting my Halloween posts out first, hahaha!!!

Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day

Christmas Street in Bristol.

Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day.

Wallace: What I Wore:

Have you started thinking of Christmas yet?

See you tomorrow for Creative Mondays.

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26 responses to “Christmas Street And An Outfit Of The Day”

  1. Papa Jack says:

    Well, I wish I could go there exactly during Christmas day! Good for you girl! The place looks interesting.

  2. Nicole Anderson says:

    I am a person that has always loved Christmas but I think it is getting ridiculous how early stores are starting to promote it. It seems to get earlier and earlier each year! Pretty soon, we might get to a point where it’s not worth taking the tree down anymore because it will be time to get ready for the next year’s Christmas! lol. Having said that, I have already got a couple of presents set aside.

  3. Heather says:

    I love those jeans on you. All of the Christmas stuff is out at the craft stores and Costco. I don’t mind looking at it but it’s too early to think about!!!

  4. Deserted_Queen says:

    I like christmas but halloween comes first lol. However you look very pretty in the jeans my dear.

  5. Laurie says:

    yep, it’s way too early!! Love the jeans Claire xx

  6. Never too early to start celebrating!

  7. Melissa Bradbury says:

    Hiya, Yes I have already started thinking about Christmas and buying a couple of bits and bobs, mostly taking a mental note though!

  8. I love that your on Christmas street! I lived in Bristol for 3 years and never found that, will have to return!

  9. bye:myself says:

    I just came back from Croatia a week ago – and there were 30 degrees celsius. Nope, I cannot get used to the idea that Christmas is practically around the corner.

  10. Mutton_style says:

    Thanks for linking up to our continental drift #linkup . Yes a bit early but hubs is ticking the Sainsbury Xmas order book for what we should get in

  11. Charlie says:

    I can’t believe the Christmas stuff is out either – I just finished the last of my Easter buns!!! Love your jeans.

  12. Ah nice street name. I love your outfit. Your sneakers are so cool! So stylish.

  13. I love those jean! The stripe detail makes them stand out!

    SSG xxx

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