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Claire’s And The Secret Union J Gig

Claire's And The Secret Union J Gig

Claire’s And The Secret Union J Gig. Hello friends. My daughter was super excited when I mention Claire’s was sending her a special parcel to create a Union J Halloween cat inspired outfit.

Claire’s And The Secret Union J Gig:

Claire’s have teamed with Union J band for a secret gig taking place on 22nd October and we have been invited to join in some fun creating a Jcat look.

My daughter 8 is a huge fan of the stores, which she discovered earlier this year.

We were shopping in Meadowhall and passed by their store, there was a pretty girl with long curly blonde hair in the window being twirled around and sprayed with glitter.

My daughter said “wow she sparkles like a princess”. Often mentioning the girl in the window sparkling, I knew we had to visit so my little princess could sparkle too.

When on holiday a few months later in Blackpool, my daughter squeezed my hand when we were in the shopping centre, just next to Claire’s, looking down at her she had a big smile on her face, “shall we go in?” I said!!

Just like her mum in a cake shop! her eyes sparkled and hands twitched not knowing where to look first and wanting everything in the shop.

We came in for the glitter, I mentioned,, and walked out with gold glitter spray and roll on glitter body lotion also the biggest smile ever on her face!!

Claire's And The Secret Union J Gig
Claire's And The Secret Union J Gig
Secret Union J Gig
Secret Union J Gig
Secret Union J Gig

Claire’s And The Secret Union J Gig:

The parcel arrived when I was out. Typical.

After standing guard looking for the neighbour to return, she excitedly told me when they were home [thanks neighbour for taking in delivery].

She was really pleased with everything we got sent and had lots of fun dressing up, the silver spray was her favourite item and she has promised we can share.

I am also looking forward to trying a few of the things out, that is if I can find them!!

Daughters outfit~

Skirt ~ £10-00

Black beads ~ £4.50

Cat hair clip ~ £9.00

Silver glitter hairspray ~ £4.00

Face tattoos ~ £5.00

Black glitter nail varnish ~ £3~00

Glow in the dark make up ~£4.50

Nail stickers £5.50

Necklace £10~00

Claire's And The Secret Union J Gig

About this review- I was sent this fun parcel to review and was not paid for this post, all thoughts on everything and website are my own honest opinion. All links in this post are which I have chosen to add in …

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