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Close To You!! Mollie The Collie Diary’s

Close To You!! Mollie The Collie Diary’s. I love my Mollie the Border Collie and she loves me too.

So much so, she follows me everywhere. We go out for plenty of walkies but sometimes she never wants to rest.

I think if I take her for a long, long walk maybe I can do some jobs when she is sleeping. Like you can when a baby sleeps!? No chance of that. Bless her!!

Yeap, she also follows me everywhere and anywhere she can. Not upstairs though. We have a baby gate in place!! Haha.

I can not even go to the bathroom without her following me. Go on Mollie wait outside a minute!!

Over the last few weeks, I have been giving my kitchen a makeover. It is hard work when you get someone distracting you!!

Sitting down, right in the middle of your work.

Just as I am bending down to pop a screw into something, I get her big tongue trying to reach my face.

She pops her nose under my arm for a fuss and she sits in the middle of my projects until she gets some attention!!


I guess she just wanted to be close to me!! Bless her.

Close To You!! Mollie The Collie Diary's

Close To You!! Mollie The Collie Diary’s:

What a cutie though. You can not get mad when you get this look back at you. Hehe.

Do you think I am building something for you Mollie?

Do you have any pets? Do you have a dog? If so does your dog follow you everywhere too?

Does your dog to help or get in the way when you’re busy too? I can not complain though, she is so sweet, she gets away with it!!

Close to you: Mollie The Border Collie. Linking up over at Photalife for My Sunday Photo: What photo are you sharing this week? Have a great week. See you soon.

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42 comments so far.

42 responses to “Close To You!! Mollie The Collie Diary’s”

  1. OneDad3Girls says:

    A cute little helper, I hope it goes well Thank you for linking up

  2. SarahMummy says:

    Oh dear! I can see that would be quite challenging! I'm sure it will be great when it's finished.

  3. Tamar SB says:

    Such a cute helper!

  4. Coombe Mill says:

    Aw bless Molly, she is not making working easy. the makeover sounds exciting.

  5. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    Aww your little helper! We're starting our kitchen this week. Eek!

  6. Rose Nika says:

    Oh my gosh that face! That absolutely adorable face! I would not get a thing done soo cuteLife is just RosieInstagram

  7. Kim Carberry says:

    hehehe! I think she's just trying to help. x

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hehe, she does want to be up close.

  9. Grant Robson says:

    I love reading the DIY section over at Reddit. You can see all manner of projects take shape and learn by other people's mistakes. They all get extra karma for what is known as 'dog tax' or 'cat tax', which I think is what you've just earned! 🙂

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Hehe, I can just imagine. I need to go check Reddit out now, sounds like fun 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Grant 🙂

  10. Alina says:

    Dogs are so adorable. They can get in the way but we love them for it because it makes our job just that more fun right? 😉

  11. Lisa Graham says:

    What a cute distraction. It's so hard to get anything done with pets or kids under your feet. When all other times they're happy by themselves the moment you go to do anything they want to be next to you!

  12. Karen Gough says:

    My dog is the same, can't even go to toilet without her following me

  13. Mrs Helicopter Vlogs says:

    Oh bless her. I have a similar "helper" everytime I get in the bath, go to the loo or even try and sleep in my bed in the form of a chubby black cat! 😀 Wouldn't have it any other way though and I am sure you wouldn't! 😀

  14. Jan says:

    Aww, she is adorable!

  15. beautyqueenuk says:

    Oh but that cute little face is too hard to ignore x

  16. Melanies Fab Finds says:

    She is adorable isn't she it's nice to have company thought, I wish my rabbits were safe to roam freely in the house without chewing my wires they are lovely company 😉

  17. Kara Guppy says:

    Not sure she is much help but at least she is cute

  18. Newcastle Family Life says:

    Aww look at her face, I bet she likes to think she is helping x

  19. Mumdadplus4 says:

    Ah how cute I have a two little monkeys who try to help me with everything x

  20. Little Pickles Mom says:

    Ahhh bless her! Looks like butter wouldn't melt. Can't wait to see what the finished kithcen looks like!

  21. Chilling With Lucas says:

    Oh, how beautiful is Mollie! Hope the kitchen is going well x

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