Creative Thursday #Week 3: Quick French Bread Pizza

Creative Thursday #Week 3: Quick French Bread Pizza.

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I’ve been making:

Quick And Easy French Bread Pizza:

Creative Thursday #Week 3: Quick French Bread Pizza

What You Need:

1 large french bread 

1 tbsp virgin olive oil 

2 piece of garlic crushed 

1 onion chopped finely 

300g of sieved tomatoes 

1 tbs of tomatoes puree 

Mixed herbs 

Salt and pepper 

sliced cheese 

What To Do:

1.) Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. 

2.) Heat your olive oil in a pan over a medium heat and fry your chopped onions and crushed garlic until cooked. 

3.) Add your sieved tomatoes to the pan then add your mixed herbs 1 tbs or to your taste, a pinch of salt and pepper and tomatoes puree. 

4.) Leave the sauce to simmer for about 7 minutes. 

5.) Cut the French bread long ways in half then into suitable size pieces, arrange on a tray crust sides down. 

6.) Spoon equally amounts of the sauce onto the bread and lay the sliced cheese onto the pizza (as much or as little you like) 

7.) Put into the oven for around 6-10 minutes until the cheese turns brown 

8.) Cool slightly and enjoy.

Creative Thursday #Week 3: Quick French Bread Pizza.

Creative Thursday blog hop is now ended. Thanks for stopping by.

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