Creative Thursday: The Last Creative Thursday Blog Hop

Creative Thursday: The Last Creative Thursday Blog Hop.

Hi!! Hello everyone. Welcome To: Creative Thursdays Last Ever Blog hop!!

Creative Thursday: The Last Creative Thursday Blog Hop

This is the last ever Creative Thursday posted today and we will re-posted next Thursday lasting for 10 day though out the Christmas Holidays.

Are you sad it is going?

No need to because…

We love this hop so much we have decide to change it to Creative Mondays.

Starting from Monday 2nd January 2012.

Each Monday the hop will be started and the linky will be open until Sunday night so you have all week to pop back and link up with us.

Hosted by Clairejustineoxox and co hosted by Judy-H-JS Thoughts.

This is a hop to share fun thing’s you have been doing.

you can link as many posts as you like as long as it something creative.

All welcome wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and we hope you will join us in the New Year….

Creative Thursday: The Last Creative Thursday Blog Hop

This week I’ve been making Christmas Cupcakes. As you do!


Creative Thursday: The Last Creative Thursday Blog Hop:


115g Butter at room Temperature

115g Caster sugar

115g Self raising flour

2 Eggs

1 Tablespoon milk

2 Eggs

Few drops green food colouring

Few drops orange extracts

For The Icing:

200g Soft cheese spread

300g Icing sugar

Half a teaspoon orange extract

1 Tablespoon of milk

Few drops of green food colouring

Christmas sprinkles


1.) Pre-heat oven to 180c. 

2.) Place 12 muffin cases in a muffin backing tray. 

3.) Put the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until light and fluffy. 

4.) Add a little flour then one egg at a time will a little flour added to each then mix the remaining flour in. 

5.) Add the milk food colouring and orange extracts. 

6.) Place the mixture into the muffin cases and cook for around 20 minutes until well risen. 

7.) Leave to cool completely. 

8.) Beat the cheese spread and the icing sugar together until all mixed in. 

9.) Add the milk, food colouring and orange extract and mix well. 

10.) Place in a icing bag and swirl around the buns. 

11.) Add sprinkles and place in refrigerator to set.

Creative Thursday has now ended.

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27 responses to “Creative Thursday: The Last Creative Thursday Blog Hop”

  1. The Belly Dancer says:

    My mouth is watering! Thanks for hosting this wonderful parties!

  2. Judy Haughton-James says:

    I love cupcakes Clairejustine and these look so good. Your family is certainly enjoying wonderful treats!:)

  3. jillconyers says:

    Hi Claire. I'm behind of blog reading so doing a little catch up. Love the new look of your blog. I'm in the process now of tweaking my new blog and having so much fun now that the hard part of switching to WP is done.How's running going?

  4. momto8 says:

    wow..great ideas all around. the cupcakes look great..I bet the orange ads a slighlty tangy zing

  5. ✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life says:

    Hi Claire,The cupcakes look so yummy!Thanks for hosting the party.Dee

  6. Sandy Ang says:

    They look real yummy !

  7. Judy Haughton-James, Thank you Judy,they are very yummy 🙂

  8. jillconyers; Hi Jill,thank you for the lovely comment,Merry Christmas 🙂

  9. momto8; Thanks for the comment,thought the orange would make them taste Cristmas-y and they did 🙂

  10. ✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life; Thank you for joining 🙂

  11. Sandy Ang; Thanks for the comment 🙂

  12. Ambreen says:

    Hi Clairejustine! Your cupcakes looks so lovely & delicious! Thanks for hosting the party. Warmest Christmas wishes to you & your family. I'm your new follower 🙂

  13. Ambreen; Hi Thank you for joining us and following:) going to follow back 🙂

  14. April @ The 21st Century Housewife says:

    What lovely (and yummy looking!) cupcakes. Thank you for sharing the, with Let's Do Brunch.

  15. April, The 21st Century Housewife; Thank you 🙂

  16. Jill says:

    Yummy looking cakes!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Best wishes for a fabulous New Year 2012!Jill @ Creating my way to Success.

  17. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Hi Clairejustine, Please excuse the fact that I do not have the post up today. I am in grief as my brother Sutcliffe died last night. This is so difficult for my family and only 3 years after the passing of my twin sister. Take care and please pray for me. I need so much strength at this time. Judy

  18. Thank you Jill, hoping to spend lots more time at your blog hop in the new year 🙂

  19. Judy Haughton-James Judy; I am so sorry to hear this:( take care of yourself,,thinking of you x

  20. MrsFoxsSweets says:

    Thank you for inviting me over 🙂 I have linked up Snowmen Cookies and New Years Cupcakes! Have a great New Years!

  21. Pat's Pink Apron says:

    Clairejustine,I would love to start comming to your link party next year too. I brought Snowy Chocolate Baby Cakes, and New Years Day Fruit Cake. Pat

  22. MrsFoxsSweets; Thanks for linking up 🙂

  23. Pat's Pink Apron; This is great ,thank you 🙂

  24. Hollie - TheSevenYearCottage says:

    Thank you so much for hosting!

  25. Hollie – TheSevenYearCottage; Thank you for joining us 🙂

  26. Cindy says:

    Thanks for inviting me over to this awesome linky party!

  27. Cindy; Thank you for joining us 🙂

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