The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness. Hello friends, so how are you today?

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness. So who Am I And What Are My Goals? A 38 year old mum of 4 trying to get fit, lose weight and give up some of my favourite things pies, cakes, chocolate and wine. To become the best runner I can possible be.

If I blog about it maybe I won’t eat it and trying to make each day count towards my goals. So follow me on my journey and join me if you wish. For me its Get Fit Or Eat Pie Trying.

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness:

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness. This week has been the worst weeks training in a long time for me. On Saturday I fell of my bike and I wasn’t even moving!! Just setting of my son wobbled into me and I tipped over not able to get my foot out of the foot strap in time I crashed down onto my knee cutting it and leaving me in pain all week. The pain was also down the side of my leg too.

For some reason when I bent my leg it was ok but I couldn’t straighten it out and it was very painful when I stood up leaving me thinking maybe I had chip or torn something. The good news is it today its better the bad news is will it ever stop raining????

This week I have only managed a 13 mile bike ride on my own a 4 mile bike ride with the kids and a 5 miles run….My diet has gone way out the window as for the scales I’m hiding them this week. No running, rain to bad to go out =lots of buns, biscuits and junk food!!

Today my 2 oldest son have gone out in the pouring rain and will be standing around in a wet cold field all day to race for our club if this is not all the motivation I need to get out there nothing is.

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness.

My plans for this week-

  • Run every day to get back into running.
  • Some core strength exercises.
  • Healthier eating.

So what are your plans this week?

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness.

Health And Fitness Tips:

Firstly, Establish Specific, Realistic Goals. So first thing first, begin with outlining your precise goals for changing your diet and level of activity. What is your goals? Get fit, lose weight? Whether your aim is to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your general health, make sure it is attainable and measurable. Set long term goals and short term ones. Write a plan on how you are going to achieve them. Starting slowly and stepping it up each week.

Secondly, Examine Your Current Lifestyle. Pay special attention to your present eating patterns, exercise routine, and way of life. What really needs to change and what you need to change, least of all.

Thirdly, Create A Plan That Fits Your Unique Requirements. No two people are the same. So not two plans are the same. Write down your preferences and identify the areas where you can make improvements.

Create A Balanced Diet Plan:

Fourthly, Create A Balanced Diet Plan. Put your attention towards putting together a diet strategy that covers a range of nutrient-rich meals. Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your meals. Steer clear of too processed foods, sweetened beverages, and unhealthy snacks. Why not create a Pinterest account, if you do not already have one, and pin healthy meals. It is amazing what recipes you can find over there. Just pop your recipe keywords into the search obx and see what pops up.

Fifthly, Include Regular Exercise. Create a workout plan that combines flexibility, strength training, and a variety of cardiovascular exercises. Think of what exercise you love and add lots of these into your plan. Also add a few thing’s your not keen on and see if you enjoy it. If not replace this the week after with something you do like. Think about joining a gym, running club or even a tramoline club. The club possiblities are endless. Just type into Google your favourite sports near you and see what comes up!! Aim for two or more days of strength training per week coupled with at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Sixth, Keep Your Body Hydrated. Think water, water, water!! To keep your body hydrated, drink enough water throughout the day. Water maintains general health, regulates body temperature, and aids with digestion. Limit your intake of sugary beverages and make water your first option instead. Yeah, for water!!

Tomorrows Athletes? Getting Kids Into Running.

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness Here Are Some Motivational Posts:

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“As a personal trainer and coach, I often find people let their fitness levels slip over the winter months, Regular exercisers become more sporadic.

Even as an Olympic and World champion rower myself, the thought of winter training. When icy water splashes around in and around the boat on wet, windy cold days is not inspiring.

This can lead to an increased risk of injury as people forget that they are not in their peak summer fitness. Also, often challenge themselves with similar intensity workouts, without the baseline fitness or warming up correctly.

This can lead to poor motivation. Due to feeling despondent that they are not as fit as they thought they were, or even worse, injury.

Such injuries can subsequently have a negative impact in further training. Then create a vicious cycle of recurrent injury and reduced fitness.”

6 Top Fitness Tips For The Winter: Keep On Running.

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness:

Secondly, Dietitian Jo Travers Reveals What To Eat Over The Festive Season To Beat Tummy Troubles, For Love Your Gut.

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Dietitian Jo Travers Reveals What To Eat Over The Festive Season To Beat Tummy Troubles, For Love Your Gut.

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness. Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

The Ultimate Guide To Diet And Fitness.
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    I like your attitude I am IN!!! And I think my pie of choice will be any pie available at the time haha. I have been doing a 2'78 mile walk during my lunch hour and then trying to get another 2 miles in after work, changed my eating habits, cut portions, and crossing my fingers. I had surgery in Feb and have now been released for light work outs for 30 days, so I am hoping that I am able to add more things soon but this blog help might also help. :}

    • 30 April 2012 / 09:44

      Great thanks for joining,you sound as though you are doing great,popping over now 🙂

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