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Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run

Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run.

Run, run, run!!

Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run

Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run:

Monday 9th May:

1 mile swim.

4.01 miles run 00:40mins  10:04 pace.

recovery run from Sundays 10k race.

Tuesday 10th May:

2.16 miles 00:19 Min’s 08:42 pace

few strides before Wednesdays race for some reason I could not be bothered to run maybe it was with racing Sunday or maybe saving myself for tomorrows race.

Wednesday 11th May:

5.01 miles  00:40mins 07:58 pace.


1 min 40sec slower than last year,not good something got to change.

Wasn’t to pleased because i was hoping to be a few Min’s quicker maybe because i raced Sunday and was a little tired still? Maybe not but still a good time so moving on now.

Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run

Thursday 12th May:

1 mile swim to recovery from last nights race.

Day off from running.

Friday 13th May:

 5.28 miles 00:53 Min’s 10:04 pace.

6.07 miles 00:59mins 09:41 pace.

Nice first 2nd run of the day with hubby faster than this morning yeah.

Saturday 14th May:

3.92 miles 00:34mins 08:47 pace.

 1.02 miles 00:10 Min’s 10sec 09:58 pace.

Cool down.

Sunday 15th May:

6.51 mi 00:59 09:04 pace.

Nice run on my own and managed to push the pace.


2 miles swim.

34 miles running.

Trying to be healthier.

Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run
Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run

Bought some great thing’s from Amazon as we have a trial free postage month.

Although they are great prices and mostly always in stock I will miss it when the month is over.

I will maybe have to buy the year postage package.

Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run

Love these roller’s for leg massages.

Not been to bad on the diet but come the weekend I’ve not been to good.

That is what weekends are for?

This week the songs I’m loving on my i-pod to run to are.

I need a doctor-Dr Dre feat Eminem and Skylar Grey 

Sweat-Snoop Dog Feat David Guetta 

S and M( come on)- Rihanna

Born this way-Lady Gaga

On the floor-Jennifer Lopez Feat Pitbull

What song’s are you loving this week?

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8 thoughts on “Diet And Fitness Monday: Run, Run, Run

  1. oh girl looks like hard work! I hate sports, don’t like to get sweaty. But I am on a very strict diet for 4 years now. I am not hungry, I just eat very healthy. Once a week I eat candy and fried food!

  2. What a great week of workouts! I would definitely say your Wednesday race would be slower so soon after your Sunday one. I LOVE my foam roller so much!:)

  3. My favorite song right now is that one by Sara Bareilles, King of Anything. Both my son and I love it!Good for you, for making healthier food choices!I've been doing that, for the most part, but just yesterday, I caved and made cookies. I've been a little stressed out lately.Jeanine

  4. I Need A Doctor sounds like the perfect song if I was to follow your routine. I'd love to run but arthritis and a total hip replacement rules it out so it's Wii Fit, swimming, walking, pilates and Yoga for me.Your diet looks delicious, no wonder you look so good. xxx

  5. New follower here! My favorite song to run to right now is Pitbull's "Give me Everything."That fruit looks amazing!

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