Diet Chef Review Summary: How I Got On With The Diet

I got sent a months supply for the purpose of these reviews.
Diet Chef Review Summary

Diet Chef Review Summary. Over the last few weeks I have been trailing some of the diet chef range to share my thoughts on breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from their monthly meal plan menu.

(I got sent a months supply for the purpose of these reviews. No payment was received).

I love the idea of picking your meals and having them all planned out for a month.

Calorie controlled meal plan leaves you not having to worry about eating too much and takes the stress out of dieting.

 I can see how the diet would be more suited to people who are not on a budget, work full time so have little time to plan meals in advance and people who are always on the go especially around meal times.

Diet Chef Review Summary

Diet Chef Review Summary:

I  have enjoyed trying all the breakfasts. I tried most of the range. They are all very tasty.

The lunches I picked a wide variety too, but when you are ordering over the Internet its hard to imagine what you are picking for a month when you have never tried the food.

I missed the milkshakes which I would have had fun adding lots of fruit to, I ordered way to much soup I had never tried the flavours before and should have ordered more of the protein bars.

They were so yummy especially the vanilla ones. I could live on these, they were very tasty and filling.

Diet Chef Review Summary

 The meals are very tasty, full of flavour but I did have a issue with them not being kept in the fridge, with a cupboard shelve life of around a year.

Something I never do with fresh meals I make up each day.

Diet Chef Review Summary

What I have realised on the Diet Chef diet.

How Much Food Do I Really Eat?

Just a large breakfast can nearly take most of my calories for the day!!

Putting less cereal into your bowl and add fruit, (strawberries or chopped banana are my favourites). Can be better for you, less calories, more filling and much more fun.

Try adding lots of berries, they brighten up any breakfast and are really good for you.

Giving up cups of tea, so no hot drink to dip a few biscuits in and drink more water to fill you up in between meals.

Water is great for your body. Also a cup of tea always leads me to having half a pack of biscuits.

Diet Chef Review Summary:

 Run, run run!! or start something fun exercise, Zumba, yoga or a fitness class helps you to burn the calories and give you more change of eating a little of what you  fancy.

If I run around 6 miles a day I get around a extra 600 calories. If I could run 10 miles a day I would never have to worry about my diet !!

I am happy with my progress. Although school holidays, days out and weekends away is not the best time to trail a diet.

I’m sure I would have done loads better in September!! when the children are at school an not being tempted to the dark side of fast food and cakes!!!

The first week I started I lost 3 lb. This week I have only lost a lb but 4lb in 2 weeks is great and what is predicted.

I would say you will defiantly lose at least 2 lb a week. If you stick to the calorie controlled diet.

My Favourites:

The protein bars were my favourite and all of the breakfast were lovely too.

For me as a stay at home mum, who plans our weekly meals on a budget, the diet is not really for me. More than a little out of my price range.

£250.00 a month is a lot of money for me to spend on food just for myself.

When I do have 5 others to cook for.

Also as a runner, who runs most days and always training up for a race. I burn around 1,000 calories a day.

So I do also have to add lots of calories to the diet from food. I would have to buy or using the diet chef meals as extra.

The diet would only last me just under 3 weeks.

Have you tried the Diet Chef meals? 

Have you lost weight?

What do you think of food?  

Love to hear your thoughts on the diet.

Firstly, Trying the Diet Chef review

Secondly, Week One.

Last but not least, Holidays and thoughts.

About this review-

I also got sent a months supply of food to try out for the purpose of this review.

I got asked to do one post, but all my thoughts on the diet would be better spread over 4 posts.

No payment was received. I have not been paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

Claire Justine
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  1. mr khan
    7 March 2017 / 18:18

    It can get confounding in light of the fact that there is such a great amount of data out there so ensure that you do some exploration before you purchase anything. buy slim coffee

  2. Judy Haughton-James
    18 August 2013 / 20:39

    Interesting review Claire! The products look rather appealing when someone is on a diet. I have never tried such a diet but it sounds great if it is not too costly for the person having a go at it.

  3. Linz Toothpaste
    18 August 2013 / 19:46

    £350 a month?!? Blimey, that could feed all 6 of us for nearly a month…I would like to lose a few lbs but I couldn't afford to do this diet 🙂

  4. Mamacook
    18 August 2013 / 16:03

    I personally hate things like this. You don't need to lose weight Claire but the kind of people who do, would spend a lot of money on this and they might lose weight in the short term but over a couple of years will put it all on and more.As you were saying, adding more fruit and veg to your diet and exercise are some of the best ways to lose weight. This isn't. It's short term and over 6 months would cost over £2k! When people put the weight back on they lost they'll just be back for more.