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Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls: Afternoon Tea Recipe

Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls: Afternoon Tea Recipe.

How fun?

Great for a coffee lover.

Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls

How To Make Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls:

Makes 2 large ones or 3 smaller ones

Prep time  10 minutes

Cooking time   2-3 hours plus cooling


3 large egg whites,

175g  equal quantities of caster sugar and icing sugar, sifted together

pinch salt

1 tsp Douwe Egberts Pure Gold coffee, sifted finely using a tea strainer

1 tbsp chopped walnuts, (optional)

Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls

Plus topping of your choice. Strawberries and cream?

Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls Method:

1.) In a grease-free mixing bowl using an electric whisk, whisk up the egg whites until the mixture stands in stiff glossy peaks.

2.) Gradually fold in the sugars and salt a table spoon at the time.

3.) Continue whisking until very stiff and shiny.

4.) Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

5.) Fold the coffee into the meringue to give a marbled effect, Using two spoons make either 2 or 3 even sized meringues and sprinkle over nuts if using.

6.) Bake in the oven 110C or gas mark 1/4 for 2- 3 hours until crisp and firm, (the longer you cook them the crispier they will be in the centre) but still white in colour.

7.) Cool on a tray.

8.) Peel off the parchment paper and serve, Store the cooked meringues in an air tight-box.

What do you think of these Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls

Recipe and photo credit by sent to me by-  Douwe Egberts

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