Ensalada de Invierno (Spanish Olive Winter Salad)

Ensalada de Invierno (Spanish Olive Winter Salad).

Hello friends. Fancy making up a Winter salad?

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Ensalada de Invierno (Spanish Olive Winter Salad)

Ensalada de Invierno (Spanish Olive Winter Salad).

Preparation time: 7 minutes

You Will Need:

150g of mixed Spanish olives

1 small tin of sardines in oil

1 small jar of artichoke hearts

2 purple chicory endives

A splash of Sherry vinegar

A pinch of salt flakes


1.) Open all your tin of sardines and drain most of the oil away as we will keep a little to dress the salad.

2.) Open your jar of artichokes and cut the artichoke hearts into halves.

3.) Take your chicory and carefully pull away each leaf, then wash to ensure that all soil has been removed.

4.) Take a colourful mixture of green, black and turning of colour olives from their jar/tin (pitted or non-pitted it’s up to you!)

5.) Take the ingredients and mix together on a colourful plate or in a bowl, and then splash with sherry vinegar and olive oil for flavour, finally season to taste with the salt flakes.


A Spanish cupboard is always full of conserves from fish and olives to beans and vegetables, which are perfect to mix together to create delicious, colourful salads – particularly in winter when it’s harder to find good fresh vegetables and fish.

Ensalada de Invierno (Spanish Olive Winter Salad).

Guest Post Credits- Omar Allibhoy for Olives from Spain Olives From Spain.

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