fab effex By Spin Master Toy Review

fab effex By Spin Master Toy Review.

Post contains PR sample.

I have just been sent a fab effex craft pack by Spin Master Toys .

Who are the company behind Bakugan, Tech Dec,Mighty Beanz, Zoobles and many more. 

Available from Smyths toys for £9-99.

fab effex By Spin Master Toy Review:

This is what they say about the fab effex:

It is a new craft material where the fabric is mouldable,re-useable and magically sticks where you can create characters with fabric.

The kit comes with lots of patterns textures and shapes.

You can shape it,wrap it,stick you can also glam up other thing’s too.

Make your own creations and you can personalize almost anything.

Use to fab up your shoe, ipod, Jewellery and more.

Age from 6+

On this website it shows you exactly what sort of things you can do with fab effex.

The contents of the box…

120 fab effex pieces, 2 fab effects sheets,1 sticky square,3 plastic animal moulds,1 instruction guide.

What we thought of the Fab effex:

My kids were looking forward to trying this and my little girl decided straight away she was going to make the butterfly, which worked out well because my son wanted to make the lion.

We had a quick read of the instructions and then they found all the pieces to their animal.

We then got stuck in making the animals.

The first time we used it the pieces fell off, we thought we needed glue but then we realised we need to push the pieces on with a firm hold and they soon got the hang of it.

First to finish was my daughter with her butterfly and soon she wanted to try another animal so she did the fish.

They enjoyed playing with this and making the butterfly, fish and lion and am sure they will make many more things over the coming weeks.

They have already asked what other things they do in the range, so am sure it will end up as one of the items on their Santa list..

The only negatives they had were minimal being a little disappointed that all the pieces in the right colours were not in the box.

What they provide though is extra pieces of fabric for you to cut out and make your own shapes and inventions.

I think for little ones its quite difficult to cut out the fabric into the shape they desire, so some adult supervision would be recommended.

fab effex By Spin Master Toy Review
fab effex By Spin Master Toy Review


My daughter has started using the fabric to accessories lots of her favourite toys and her furniture.

So thinking outside the box with this toy, gives you many extra hours of fun.

About this post: We git sent some samples to try out and write about. We were not paid for this post.

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