FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review

FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review. From FancyDressOutfitters. Hello friends, so how are you today? Are you getting ready for Halloween? The spookiest night of the year?

Discover spooktacular Halloween Costume Reviews on our blog today! Get ready for frightful fun and find the perfect costume inspiration for this year’s festivities.

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Yesterday I mentioned we really love Halloween in our house every year we have so much fun dressing up and scaring everyone. We always go out trick or treating of course only go to peoples houses that have decorated in readiness for Halloween visitors. The Halloween code, for come and visit us.

Halloween Costume Review

Looking For A Halloween Costume Review UK?

FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review:

FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review. The kids love going out and see lots of their friends dressing up in scary costumes. One thing I did notice last year, is that living near a big supermarket lots of the children had similar costumes.

So when Fancy Dress Outfitters asked us to do a review for them we jumped at the chance. Nowadays I buy lots of goods online but never thought of looking for Halloween clothes before.

The first thing I noticed when browsing their website was, the wide range of fancy dress costumes, many of which I had never seen before. They had lots to choose from Super-heroes/villains to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All in a wide variety of ages and sizes.

We picked our costumes that we wanted to review and after sending an email on Friday at midday  they quickly packed and shipped our order and it arrived for 8 am Saturday morning.

This is what we ordered; an Hello Kitty Halloween Jumpsuit and a Skeleton Zombie. They came in nice packaging and were easy to put on, the sizes were as described and my two testers could not wait to to try them on.

I ordered the next age up for my two little ones just in case its freezing on Halloween night and they have to put on a few layers underneath. They wanted to go trick or treating straightaway!! Even though it was the first week in October!!

An Halloween Costume Review:

We took the outfits up to the woods just as it was turning dark and the kids slipped the costumes on over there clothes as the weather had turned cold. The park was still very busy so we went into the middle of the woods so as not to scare any of the people running and playing nearby.

We planned all week that we would go into the woods after school and do some scary photo’s.  Little did we know we was going be scared ourselves!!

All ready and after one photo we decided to try a video so first I started singing: ‘If you go down to the woods tonight your sure of a big surprise’

Then out from a tree my daughter jumped out and screamed. Then I started singing again. ‘if you go down to the woods tonight your sure of a big surprise’ and out jumped my son and scream, then he screamed again and we started laughing thinking he was really good at acting then he pulled his mask off really screaming.

Then my daughter started screaming as I ran over I realised we had disturbed a wasp nest. They were all over us leaving us running out the wood screaming and my son still dressed in Halloween clothes.

We got rid of all the wasps eventually leaving us all upset with 3 stings each. This is a happy photo before we got stung.

October Outfits

FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review:

An Halloween Costume Review. The kids really liked the costumes and we were really scared of my son’s I think they have a great website and will be checking it out next time we need a fancy dress outfit.

Check back at Halloween for more pictures and a reaction from my fellow trick or treaters to the outfits.

I would have no problem recommending Fancy Dress Outfitters and will definitely be buying from them in the future so check out their website if you are looking for something different and have fun when you go out trick or treating!!.  

Look out for my you tube video with the costume my singing but it will be cut when the wasps start stinging!! My husband says he would prefer the wasps stinging rather than me singing. We shall see if this is true when I take him to the same spot soon!!!

FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review. About this post: We were sent 2 costumes to keep for a honest review and was not paid for this post.

Halloween Costume Review

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FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review.

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FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review.

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Halloween Costume Review

FancyDressOutfitters Halloween Costume Review:

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