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Fashion Mondays : Creative Mondays Blog Hop…

Fashion Mondays : Creative Mondays Blog Hop…

What I’m loving this week…

Sunglasses ~ Primark

Sunglasses ~ Primark

Sunglasses ~ Primark

The Primark maxi skirt I love, I finally brought today and my husband said he would help carry my bag, then leaves it at work … Grrr…

I won a £30-00 Zalando voucher over on the lovely and wonderful Catherine’s website Not Dressed As Lamb so I treated myself to some sandal for the school run…

Got to wear my summer dress, was a bit cold though…

Playing with photos, love this app…

Love this dress I wore here…

Would be great if you linked up ?


Creative Monday list has now closed.



32 responses to “Fashion Mondays : Creative Mondays Blog Hop…”

  1. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Wonderful pictures Claire! Those sunglasses are so-o-o cool! Congratulations on your win! I love your summer dress and sandals. Very colourful and beautiful. It is good to be co-hosting again. Have a great Monday.

  2. Winnie says:

    I'm in love with these glasses, they are soooooooooooo cute!!Thank you for the party Claire 🙂

  3. SarahMummy says:

    That app looks fab, might have to give that a go! I'm certainly not brave enough for the sunglasses though!

  4. Ofelia says:

    What a fun times with the kids and those sunnies and your dresses (the flower one and the white/dotted one)fist so well! You look very chic and happy!

  5. Petro Neagu says:

    Hi Claire Justine,My blog hop is now live, if you're interested I'd love to see you and one of your lovely posts over there 🙂

    • Claire Justine says:

      Sorry I forgot to link up its been a mad week, hopefully I will remember next week, be great if you remind me hehe 🙂

  6. Mystery Case says:

    Just love the glasses. Thanks for hosting this, I'm not feeling too creative this week and almost verging on a mummy blog post. Have a great week.

  7. Maria says:

    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party! Have a great dayMaria

  8. Annie says:

    That app is so fun! I actually thought the pic was real 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  9. Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com says:

    Awesome sunglasses — they're so fun! Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  10. Chelsea Davis says:

    Those margarita sunglasses are too cute! Great for a spring party. Have a great week! Thank you for hosting. XO Chelsea

  11. Stephanie says:

    Such cute shades:) You make me want to head out on a shopping trip!

  12. amy mayen says:

    It's official- you and your family are all nuts! Welcome to the club! Loved the pics, thanks for hosting!!

  13. Anna and Sarah says:

    We followed your blog! Please come follow us back! quackadoodlequilt.blogspot.com Thanks!

  14. Ellya Brill says:

    Thank you for a great party!Have a great week!Ellya

  15. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb says:

    Claire those sunglasses are hilarious… love them!! And I'm so pleased you got some lovely sandals for the summer with your Zalando voucher, I hope the weather improves enough for you to wear them lots (love them with the pretty dress, you are brave…!)Have a good week sweetieCatherine xoxo

    • Claire Justine says:

      Hehe we love fun sunglasses, no where special to wear them though !! love my sandals thank you 🙂 Thanks for linking up…

  16. Jeremy Norton says:

    These are so cool and funky shades. Simply love it.

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