Favourite Maxi Skirt And My Sons Big Race


  Headband ~ Poundshop

Top ~ Sportsworld

Necklace ~ My old shop

Skirt ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Crocs

Can you believe it was wonderfully warm at 4 o clock yesterday and we go 5 minutes up the road to watch my youngest sons first big race, (fastest kid in town) and it was so windy!! followed by a rain storm!!3 races he was suppose to do, bless him 🙁 .

I can say honestly he didn’t get the best start, stumble at first but he gave it his all, (saving himself for the last race) and still won his race… yeah…hope you heard me shouting son? then it rain, pored and then belted it down. So glad we had the car for shelter!! as we were of to visit my parents afterwards…

So instead of running against the best in each group, and getting his true position, he got a overall position on his time. 5th….  well done son~ ( N ) xx his finish was amazing, he dipped like a true professional at the end and he is only 10!!

Ekk we love a good competition in our family and this was is his first big race against children his age,,, in other news I could not be bothered to exercise yesterday!! do you ever get them days where you just need a little motivation?

My knee is still in pain from my fall 🙁 !!

I want to get fit and need to be more organised but yesterday  I had a lovely day just chilling, and sleeping!! and a few glasses of wine last night, I really don’t feel like it today!! but I must make myself go for a run after lunch.I really should give up cake if I really want to run faster but,,,, it tastes so good!! and the chocolate cream muffin my husband brought me yesterday was amazing.

Hay ho summer is coming, a beach body really would be great so I must keep this in mind ……

Claire Justine
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