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Festival Essentials With New Look

I have never been to a Music Festival. A few concerts, never a full blown music festival. It is something that is on my bucket list. Money and time permitting!! Having a new puppy and 4 children it is not always easy arranging holidays and weekends away. Planning to go to a festival would be a big task.
Now the children are all growing up I think it is something they would really enjoy too. My eldest boys, love their music. Although a trip to a festival with their Mum might not be on their bucket list!!

Every year I love to read all the fashion blogger posts, who have been to a festival. Reading all the fun stories they tell, what has happened and who they have seen. Mostly I like to see what they have been wearing. Every year it looks like wellies and tiny denim shorts are the most popular fashion garments.

Last week New Look contacted me and asked me if I was going to a festival what would my Festival Essentials!?!

Interesting question! 

For me a 40+ mum on a budget it would be something floaty, cool and bright. Mostly though something I could wear again for the school run!

I really like maxi dresses for a boohoo casual yet classic look. but they are no good if it rains. Which is fairly common for festivals in the UK. What else?! A short dress? Mmm yes please. In my favourite colour, red of course!

Maybe some wellies and sandals for the change in weather?

I  got to pick an outfit from their Festival Shop so I can share my perfect festival style.

Here is my perfect outfit…

  • Short red yet floaty dress.
  • Comfy flat leather sandals.

Maybe when I have been to a festival my ideas would change again!?! Watch this space…

About this post:

New Look kindly let me pick out a festival outfit. All thought are my own and I was not paid for this post…

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17 thoughts on “Festival Essentials With New Look

  1. I love this look, would be perfect for summer holidays too – red really suits you.#Tried/Tested

  2. That looks so cool, light, and comfortable, and I LOVE wearing red! I used to go to music festivals often in my late teens/early 20s, but now I have a one year old, so going to another anytime soon isn't likely. Lol! However, this would be great for picnics and other outdoor parties. Isn't summer great?

  3. Your dress is gorgeous and perfect for a summer festival combined with wellies and a raincoat πŸ˜‰ I've been to loads of festivals over the years and it's definitely the thing I miss most about my pre-mum days! Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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