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Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer

Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer.

Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer. Hello friends, happy Tuesday.

What a few horrible months!!

You might have noticed I’ve not posted much personal stuff over the last few weeks here? I’ve not posted anything much on Instagram which I usually love to, either.

I also have fell out with makeup and getting dresses up and feeling good about myself. Especially with the current situation, but I really need to start getting back into feeling my old self. Before my old self gets any older or neglected.

Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer:

Over the last few months, lots of things have been going wrong and giving me a huge shock and upsetment.


Firstly my dog Mollie had what we thought it was mastitis. You can read about that here: Mastitis In Dogs. We had to delay her going back to the vets for a few weeks after the tables did not move the lumps as we all got sick.


Secondly, we all as a family all got ill and my eldest son got diabetes type 1 triggered the illness.

Finding Out The Mastitis Was In-fact A Tumour:

Then a few weeks ago we found out that said mastitis in my Mollie was not one but 3!! tumours. If we had have taken here back a few weeks ago, not all of the tumours would have shown so they said we took her back just about right because this way she could have a full strip removed instead of operation after operation. Phew!!

You can read more here: Mollie The Elf!! In Her Adorable Christmas Jumper.

Finding Out Said Tumours Was Cancer:

Well, she has been recovering well at home. It was awful seeing her cut all the way from her top leg down to her bottom leg at first but it has been amazing seeing how quickly she has recovered.

She is a total star.

On Friday, my husband got a call from the vets. A call I never really expected.

Why did I not expect it when she had 3 tumours?

Because she is only 5!! Also full of life and looks so healthy.

The biopsy results are back and Mollie did have cancer. Poor Mollie’s tumours were cancer.


Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer:

Hard news to take in and where does it leave her now? Did they remove all the tumours, will it come back?

Only time will tell.

It could go two ways.

Way one, all of the cancer was removed and it does not return. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, double turn, double turn, that’s how it goes!?

Way two, you know what!! If it comes back. The thought I do not want to think yet.

So from now on, we are going to still enjoy our time together and let’s hope the dreaded thing never returns.

I have tried to stay positive through the last few weeks and I try to remain positive through the next few months.

Wish us luck.

Love Mollie & Me.

P.S Mollie has now had the big plastic collar off and is loving life again!! She so hated the collar as she kept banging into everything!!

Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer:

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Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer

12 thoughts on “Finding Out My Dogs Tumours Were Cancer

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Mollie. 🙁 We just got a similar report on our 13 year old min-pin Ziggy. What a crappy year for everyone.

  2. Bless you Claire. It really is a crap year for you. I have my fingers crossed for you too. I wish I could see you and give you the biggest hug. Keep your chin up girl xx

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