Fitness Fridays: All In All A Good Week’s Training

Fitness Fridays: All In All A Good Week’s Training.

This week has been tough I have that feeling that I do not want to run or do no exercise but looking back on my training it’s not been a bad week.

Fitness Fridays: All In All A Good Week's Training

Fitness Fridays: All In All A Good Week’s Training:

I need a boost to get my mind feeling more positive,I think the 7 weeks school holiday are starting to tell on me now.

Getting up at 6 am to get my blog post ready when the kids are sleeping is making me tired and all out of routine.

Also lots of eating when the kids are off school breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and tea all without the typical school day of walking 3 miles to and from school on two trips a day.

There is still 3 weeks left so still plenty of time for day trips out and ice-cream/chips and warm donuts by the sea.

This week I have done my first long run in ages on Saturday which was great we did 11 miles and I  have done 2 good running club sessions so my training is going good it just I need something to get me back interested in running again.

This Weeks Training Was:

Saturday 11 miles running.

Sunday 7 miles running.

Monday 2 miles running.

Tuesday 5 miles reps with running club.

Wednesday Day off.

Thursday 5 miles hill reps at running club.

Friday. day off.

Next Plans:

My planning for September consists of  more running, more core exercises, the 10 day Zumba drop a dress size challenge.

Some healthy eating and hopefully start training for another half marathon in October.

Along with our Twenty-Twenty September clothing challenge and staring my 3 in 30 challenge again so September is going to be a busy month.

What are your plans for September?

Don’t forget my blog hop welcome to the weekend tomorrow would be great if you would join in.

Fitness Fridays: All In All A Good Week's Training

Fitness Fridays: All In All A Good Week’s Training.

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  1. Fitness Freak
    24 August 2011 / 00:53

    Keeps us fit and energetic, Running is the best form of exercise.

  2. 23 August 2011 / 07:17

    Thank you Brigitte, going now to visit your blog and follow back 🙂

  3. Brigitte Anderson
    23 August 2011 / 02:26

    Awesome Blog I am following ya!

  4. 21 August 2011 / 19:27

    Thanks good girl gone green,wow sounds like a exciting September :)Thanks Jill all the best with your training 🙂

  5. jillconyers
    21 August 2011 / 10:05

    You're busy and still managed to get in great miles. It's not always easy. My plan for Sept is keep training for Chicago and run USAF half marathon. Mostly just keep doing what I'm doing now :)Thanks for linking up!

  6. Good Girl Gone Green
    21 August 2011 / 01:05

    You go girl! Seems like a busy september! I will be doing my usual circuit training, making sure my 10 month old stay out of trouble and we are moving from Montreal, Canada to Dallas/Fort Worth….Big change!

  7. Clairejustine
    20 August 2011 / 06:30

    All the best with your half Lauren :)Jessie this sounds great I will check you group out and ask to join in 🙂

  8. Anonymous
    20 August 2011 / 03:45

    Hey girl,I would love to connect with you! I am currently working on building a community of female bloggers who write about fitness, exercise, motivation, inspiration, and all aroung girl power. Our facebook group is called bodacious bloggers. You can ask to join the group via facebook or send me a meggage via facebool. We will also be sharing youtube and facebook like pages so that we can dominate Google SEO and help as many ladies lead awesome inspiring lives as possible. Please pass on the word to other ladie bloggers.Thank you so muchJessie Banks

  9. Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!
    19 August 2011 / 23:44

    I'm gearing up for my next half-marathon in September! I took most of the summer off from running due to the crazy heat here in Texas and it feels so good to be back!!

  10. Elle
    19 August 2011 / 20:20

    Looks impressive to me!

  11. 19 August 2011 / 21:04

    Thanks everyone for the comments,Kyria 3 more weeks 🙂

  12. Anonymous
    19 August 2011 / 19:05

    Some technique work and drills on the track should be your next target

  13. Dina
    19 August 2011 / 16:37

    It can be so hard to stay motivated all the time. It looks like you are being pretty consistent though and I'm sure you will start to feel more into it soon.

  14. Kyria @ Travel Spot
    19 August 2011 / 15:51

    It seems like you are doing well! I think it is hard when your routine is thrown off. But, the kids should be back in school soon, right?

  15. Carrie
    19 August 2011 / 14:34

    Sorry you're in a rut – your mileage is impressive, though!! It's hard to keep focused with summer changes. Hang in there, you're doing great.

  16. 19 August 2011 / 14:56

    Thanks Carrie hopefully it will be back soon 🙂