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Flower And The Bee: Weekend Blog Hop Link Up

Flower And The Bee: Weekend Blog Hop Link Up. Happy weekend guys!

Welcome to the weekend linky party!  Do you want to join in the weekend fun this week?

Hope your week has been good!? 

The days are just flying by here; my head is in a spin trying to keep up with the children, walking Mollie, days out and blogging!!

All good fun though!!

Flower And The Bee: Weekend Blog Hop Link Up

Today I am sharing few pictures from one of our walks!! We love long walks and I am always looking for things to photograph. Especially flowers and sometimes bees that are on the flowers. Not when there are loads of bees though.

I love taking pictures of bees on my phone!! I love how you can capture a close up of them. I do not like to bother them though, I do not want to upset them. One quick photo and I move on to another.

Flower And The Bee : Weekend Blog Hop..

I love that they are busy working, they are so sweet to watch.

Do you like taking photos of flowers?

What about when there is a bee on it?

Do you like taking photos of bees?

Or do you like to leave them so not to disturb them?

Want to join in the blog hop fun?

Flower And The Bee: Weekend Blog Hop.

  1. Link up your blog posts from the last few weeks.
  2. Hop around the blog hop list and visit a few of the other posts that have linked up.
  3. Follow your host on your favourite social media channel and I will follow you back. 
  4. Tweet me your links and I will share them
  5. Do it all again Monday on our next blog hop. Simple eh!?

Weekend blog hop 19/08/2016 has now closed. I host 3 blog hops a week so there is alway a new blog hop in town. See you at one very soon.

14 thoughts on “Flower And The Bee: Weekend Blog Hop Link Up

  1. I admire your bravery for getting so close ! Great photos. Have a great weekend Claire

  2. Thanks for sharing the loveliness!!!Share my excitement over the 2nd installment of my collaboration with fab Los Angeles brand TOBI this week at the blog โ€“ I am sure youโ€™ll love it as much as I did!Happy Friday!Rebecca

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