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5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas. Hello friends.

I am a huge fan of up-cycling, refashion old clothing and re-purposing old items because I hate to chuck things away. I blame my Granddad for that!! I like to see what old junk can turn into too.

I love to recycle old bottles and jars and anything else that gives me an idea along the way. Glass bottles and clothing being my favourite things to up-cycle.

Do you like to up-cycle too?

What about old wooden crates too.?

There are so many ways to reuse new or old wooden crates and today I am sharing a few ideas with you. 

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas:

Sometimes I receive them in a delivery and always find a neat way to use them again. They just look too go to throw away because they are brand new.

I have used them for all kinds of things like popping storing jars into them. Keeping my cookbooks all tidy together. Keeping all my baking ingredients in one place.

Once I even used them to store the games console bits altogether in the room. So neat and tidy.

Today I am sharing some great ways people around the world have been using their crates for all different purposes too. 

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas
5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas

1.) Shelves In A Pantry:

 How cool is this idea?  Shelves in a shop or shelves in your kitchen. This would be great in a pantry to store all your food in.

Sweet jars

2.) Food Shelves In Your Kitchen:

Using to store all your glass jars of food in it! I love being able to find what you need and when you need it.

I love to add some baking ingredients in jars like this too because when I need it I always have some in my jar because I keep them topped up.

Sweets look great in these jar on a create. A few cook books here, a few plants their?


3.) Wine storage:

Storing your wine in a cellar or garage. As soon as I buy a bottle of wine, I drink it. 

I would love to buy a lot at once and use this idea because sometimes you fancy a glass of wine and do not have any in. They you pay more at your local shop that you could have got it for at a supermarket.

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas

4.) Recycle Storage:

Great for keeping all your old bottles and jars together in before you recycled or reuse them. I love to have a selection of bottles ready for anything that inspires me along the way.

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas

5.) Fruit Storage:

How about keeping them in your pantry with your season food in them.  Perfect for keeping your vegetables altogether.

5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas

Do you recycle old crates?

Do you have any food pantry ideas to share with us too? Up-cycling is such a fun thing to do but most importantly you are doing your bit for the environment so all is good.

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8 responses to “5 Food Pantry Ideas Using Old Creates: Up-cycling Ideas”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Oh wow! What great ideas. They really are pretty to look at and are useful too.#bigpinklink

  2. Kerry-Ann F says:

    That's looks so awesome! I particularly love the wine rack – it looks so rustic! I think I'm going to go and find me some crates! Thanks for sharing…#bigpinklink

  3. This Mum's Life says:

    I do love crates reused in this way! I'm keeping some that I'd like to paint white and put in my children's nurseries! Its such a simple, but beautifully effective idea, and these all look fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!

  4. Really cool, love the crate idea

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