Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentine’s Day

I got sent an outfit to style from Matalan for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this post.Β 

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentine’s Day. Hello friends, so how are you today? A few weeks ago Matalan kindly asked me if I would like to take part in a fun fashion Valentine’s challenge: A Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentine’s Day.Β How cool!?

Anything that also involves getting dressed up and sharing some of my ideas always sounds like lots of fun.

Post contains PR samples.

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentine’s Day:

Matalan picked out a whole new outfit for me and asked me to share some of my own tips on styling an outfit for Valentine’s day. How lovely of them.

I also got sent some lovely underwear from their Lingerie Style Guide. New underwear, cool.

They sent me a pair of skinny jeans; a pretty, flattering blouse; a sweet little brown handbag; a sensible pair of walking boots and finally 2 matching underwear sets, for a whole new look. Such a beautiful selection. I adore this blouse. Off the shoulder, how pretty?

Nowadays we are more of a stay at home kind of couple. However, I based my outfit styled for afternoon drinks, in or out.

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day
Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentine’s Day:

Here are my 9 tips for dressing well this Valentine’s Day:

Firstly, Matching Underwear. Matching underwear makes you feel voluptuous, giving you more confidence. Whether you are going out or not. I always think if you want to look your best in an outfit, you need to start with good underwear. Even if no one else sees it!! 

Secondly, Hide Your Straps. Make sure your bra hides nice and neatly behind your top. No bra straps showing. You can buy multi-way bras that are perfect for any kind of tops and dresses. Also, cut any ribbon (the extra pieces that hold your clothes onto a coat hanger; off). I have more old pictures where the ribbon has fallen out of the top. It does not look flattering!!

Thirdly, Stylish And Comfortable. Wear something stylish and comfortable that fits, especially around the waist. If you are going out for drinks or a meal, allow room for an expanding waistline!! Nothing worse than eating with something tight fitting. If like me you have gained weight lately, it is sometimes best to treat yourself to something new. 

Fourthly, Nothing Too Big. If conversely you have lost weight since Christmas, again treat yourself to something new!!. You do not have to break the bank. This time of year is always good for a bargain. 

Fifth, Highlight Your Features:

Think about your best features and wear something that will highlight them. Or like me, buy something that will hide your worst features!

Sixth, Favourite Colours. On Valentine’s Day. Wear your favourite colour, something that makes you feel good. I love red, how appropriate for all the love that is in the air!! 

 Seventh, Comfortable Footwear. Think of where you are going and wear shoes suitable for the occasion. When we go out we walk into town about a mile away. I picked out these boots with small heels suitable for walking the distance. If we go out in the car and the Husband drives; the high heels will get an airing.  

Eighth, Accessories. Add a few accessories and a handbag that will match the colours of your outfit. Paint your nails, straighten your hair, or curl it. Wear your favourite makeup and bright lipstick! Not forgetting a dash of your favourite perfume. My favourite is Lou Lou. Still, love it. Even though my first ever bottle was 25 years ago!!

Ninth, Have Fun Getting Ready. Pretend you are getting ready for your first date night (even if you have been married over 20 years like me). Or it may even be your first date!? Put your favourite music on, when getting ready. Maybe have a cheeky dance. Most of all have fun and enjoy getting all dressed up. 

Low heeled boots
Matalan underwear
Matalan underwear
Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentine’s Day:

 Here I am, ready to go! Thank you Matalan for my Valentine’s Day gifts. I love the style and colours of the underwear. They have a nice, comfortable feel to them. The pants feel shiny to the skin. The seams are perfect, not showing any signs of panty marks on your trousers.

It is great that you can strap the bra up eight different ways. My favourite way to wear a bra with an off the shoulder top is with a strapless bra.

I love the style of the blouse and such a lovely floral pattern, the jeans fit like a glove and the boots are so comfortable to wear.

Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day
Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day
Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day

Share Your Tips?

Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these tips!? It would be lovely to know if you do. Most of all have fun and a great Valentine’s Day. Whatever your plans are.

About this post: I got sent an outfit to style from Matalan for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this post.

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Fool Proof Guide To Dressing Well This Valentines Day
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  1. Mother of 3
    8 January 2019 / 11:45

    Great tips and I LOVE that top!

    • 12 January 2019 / 17:54

      Aww, thanks lovely πŸ™‚

  2. Kara Guppy
    20 February 2017 / 07:55

    I love the top. Have to admit that I struggle with strapless bra's though

    • 21 February 2017 / 17:54

      Thanks for stopping by Kara πŸ™‚

  3. 19 February 2017 / 23:04

    Some great style tips here Claire. And your outfit looks great. The jeans look a really good fit.Thank you so much for joining me on the Celebrating Style link up xx

  4. 17 February 2017 / 08:23

    I've seen this in store and it looks even better on. Fabulous blog to read, nice to link up. Jacqui

    • 17 February 2017 / 17:41

      Thanks Jacqui, love this top πŸ™‚

  5. ANOSA
    17 February 2017 / 00:45

    You look wonderful in your outfit! I agree also on wearing your underwear in pairs. I feel more comfortable on that.

  6. Lindsey Burton-Harrison
    16 February 2017 / 21:36

    A great outfit, I've been loving matalans latest collection

  7. kerry norris
    16 February 2017 / 12:11

    I actually saw that top in Matalan yesterday and really liked it. Looks lovely on you x

    • 25 February 2017 / 19:22

      Oh wow, πŸ™‚ Thanks Kerry.

  8. Baby Isabella
    15 February 2017 / 22:10

    Love the outfit! My mummy is always daunted about going strapless…as she's got big boobs, but might pop down and check out the range x

    • 25 February 2017 / 19:21

      Thank you. Hope your mum gets to check out these multi way bras πŸ™‚

  9. Stella Olojola
    15 February 2017 / 21:36

    I really like the top. Looks lovely on you.

    • 25 February 2017 / 19:21

      Thank you Stella πŸ™‚ It has a sweet pattern to it.

  10. Margarett Murphy
    15 February 2017 / 17:35

    Such a lovely outfit. Love that top.

  11. Sophie
    15 February 2017 / 15:15

    I love the print on your top – so pretty! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines <3

    • 25 February 2017 / 19:20

      Aww, thank you Sophie πŸ™‚

  12. Lilinha
    15 February 2017 / 13:37

    Love Matalan clothes! Beautiful outfit and stylish boots! πŸ™‚

    • 25 February 2017 / 19:20

      Thanks Lilinha, I love Matalan's range too πŸ™‚

  13. Mica T
    15 February 2017 / 11:45

    Good tips! That is a really cute top too, I like the print and it's so perfect with your jeans.Hope you are having a lovely week :)Away From The Blue Blog

    • 25 February 2017 / 19:19

      Aww, thanks Mica πŸ™‚

  14. Five Little Doves
    14 February 2017 / 21:45

    Very nice! I love the bardot tops, I have a few now as they are so flattering!

  15. Sophie's Nursery
    14 February 2017 / 17:33

    A lovely outfit – the top is really pretty! Totally agree about appropriate footwear depending on walking distance!! I do the same! Enjoy your evening x

    • 15 February 2017 / 09:00

      Thank you. I hate to have un-comfy shoes on, ha! πŸ™‚

  16. Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    14 February 2017 / 14:33

    Love this outfit! I'm crazy about that top! Enjoy your Valentine's Day!!

    • 15 February 2017 / 08:59

      Aww, thank you Heather πŸ™‚

  17. dimple khadi
    14 February 2017 / 00:33

    Such a nice blouse and thanks for the tips!

  18. Tamar SB
    14 February 2017 / 00:02

    Cute top!