Frankie And Benny’s New Menu Review

Last week when the children were off school for Easter we were very lucky to be asked to try out the new menu’s at Frankie And Benny’s.

 We thought about trying our local restaurant but then decided to make a day of it and go to Meadowhall any excuse to look for some shoes!Frankie and Benny’s is not a place we have tried as a family before, although myself and husband had been on our own.

Remembering the menus of a few years ago the selection and prices of the new menus was very impressive, and on paper looked like the had kept the classic things everyone likes and added a wider selection than they have had before..

As a large family of 6 it’s not very often we eat out all together as it’s unusual to find somewhere we can all agree on, that will fill us all up, so hopes were high.

We were sent out a £50-00 voucher so we could go and try out whatever we fancied from the new menu’s we decided we would try out the lunch menu.Having a good look online to pick what we wanted. We eventually got  3 out of  our 4 children to come with us as my oldest had lots of homework to do(or so he said) so stayed behind.With 5 of us eating we chose the £9.25 3 course meals and £2-45 unlimited refill drinks.

The lunch price list:
Available Monday – Friday, 11am until 5pm. The great value lunch menu had over 25 main courses at just £5.95 for 1 course, £8.25 for 2 courses or £9.25 for 3 courses – including unlimited refills of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Schweppes Lemonade or Fanta when you buy a regular drink for an additional £2.45!

When we got to Meadowhall we realised it was not the best day to pick. It was the last Friday of the school holidays and the shopping centre was packed.There was a queue to go into the diner,so we nearly decided to leave it and go to our local restaurant another time. Bellies were rumbling though, so we enquired  how long we would have to wait.

10 minutes we were told by the friendly host and we were given a buzzer that went off when they had a table ready for us to eat. I was pleased we didn’t have to wait any longer as the children and my husband are not know for their patience! 10 minutes went really fast as we were having a look at the menus and photos on the walls.

We got seated at a lovely 50s style diner booth which was great.Although the restaurant was busy we didn’t feel crowded. It had a nice warm ambiance with some 1950s music playing and you got a nice clean modern feel with a classic American 50s twist.

The meal I chose was

Garlic and Cheese Doughballs, Omelette,Brownies and Ice Cream

My Husband chose:

Amazing Skins, Chicken, Bacon, Honey and Mustard Wrap,Mamma’s Hot Crumbles

Middle son:

Garlic and Cheese Doughballs,Cheeseburger,Brownies and Ice Cream

Youngest son:

Crispy Coated Chicken Strips,Cheeseburger,Aunt Carla’s Real Dairy Ice Cream


Crispy Coated Chicken Strips,Cheeseburger,Brownies and Ice Cream

We were all very pleased with the 3 courses the children were satisfied and quiet (a rare bonus) my husband was full and smiling a very rare treat!! 

The omelette was the best I have ever tasted and the brownies were so yummy.

 The children loved their burger and puddings.

Unlimited drink refills went down well with everyone.Although a trip to the loos was needed!! Too much fluids. A trip to the loo was worth it as it gave me chance to see all the old photos they have on the walls.

My husband has always wanted to go too New York  and lots of the images gave you a feel of that. He was pointing out loads of images and where they were and who was in them fascinating.

The restaurant looks great inside and I would love to go on a night out with my husband or friends on a rare night out here to try the food with some wine.

I will also be visiting again as a family for special occasions or birthdays…


I think the menu had something for everyone, with a wide range of foods, all the things you expect to see along with some new and tasty treats to try.

Prices were all very reasonable and most importantly for my family portion sizes were excellent. 

All the food was of very high standard. Matched by all the staff who were friendly without being false and made you feel at ease. 

You felt like a customer should feel, special, a rare thing indeed in this day and age. 

I could not fault anything from the service in which the waiter remembered all our order without even writing it down to the food and drinks we had. 

Well done Frankie and Benny’s we shall be back.. 

In fact just doing this post is making me very hungry !!!

The total bill was £58-50

About this post:

We got sent a £50-00 voucher to review the new menus at Frankie And Benny’s.This is my honest opinion of the new menus and the restaurant…

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