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Fun In Nottingham…

Last Saturday me, hubby and two youngest children all got to meet up with our eldest Sons/ little 2’s Brothers in Nottingham for the day. I think study; Uni sounds like none stop parties for the first few weeks!

Youngest of the 2, sounds like he has freshers flu, or just a little horse from all the late nights out and shouting.

It was great to get to see them, things are so quiet around here since they left. I got to hear all about what they have been up to! Well I’m sure I didn’t get to know everything!!

I could not resist a quick shoe picture in the Autumn fallen leaves…

Checking out my phone at the train station. Also texting a friend to tell her about knocking 4 minutes off my Parkrun time from only a few weeks ago.

So many tempting stalls on Nottingham market. Especially the sweets and cake ones. Well I did knock 4 minutes off my race!

A family selfie. We took a few, but it was hard finding a perfect picture were we are all looking at the camera and no one had their eyes closed! Daughter had to bend down to fit  me in. Wow I feel small!

My 2nd eldest telling me some of the things he has been working on at Uni.

Train home and a happy me. After seeing my sons both fit and well . Well almost as fit and well as before they left. One son has lost 5lb in weight..

What I wore:

Gillet : Republic

Blouse :Primark

Jeans : Calvin Klein

Shoes : Converse c/o JD Sports

Bag : Cath Kidston

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14 responses to “Fun In Nottingham…”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I'm glad you had a nice time with your boys! Cor, check out those sweets- I ALMOST bought red bootlaces in Waitrose earlier and now I am WISHING I did (I did just eat 2 cream eclairs but those aren't sweeties! 😉 )How pretty you look on the train- all matching with pretty patterns!x

  2. kateonthinice says:

    I am struggling to believe you are old enough to hae children at uni! Love the shoe and leaf pics in particular. Very nearly went to Nottingham Uni myself back in the day

  3. Tamar SB says:

    How great to get into the city to see them!

  4. Margarett Murphy says:

    So good to catch up …great pics …

  5. Coombe Mill says:

    Well done on your race and the market does look lovely. #CreativeMonday

  6. Trish Burgess says:

    That's the best bit about having children at university – you get to visit towns you might not otherwise see. Our son is at Exeter Uni and it's been a revelation travelling to Devon to see him and his surroundings. What a lovely family you have – great natural photos of you all.

  7. Colette B says:

    The markets look fab! #WhatevertheWeather

  8. Baby Isabella says:

    We'd love to visit Nottingham and their market looks so bright and colourful. A real feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing your adventure! #whatevertheweather

  9. Jenny Eaves says:

    Nottingham looks like a lovely place to visit, love the leaf shots, they are so colourful! It must have been nice to see your boys and find out what they've been up to. The sweet and cake stalls are always my favourite to visit! I love the look of the meringues and look at all the amazing sweets, I would have to buy some!Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  10. Bethan Sian says:

    Aw bless. Glad you had a nice time and it looks like you really did too. The family photo is lovely. So nice getting the family into one photo isn't it. xxx

  11. Chloe Ciliberto says:

    What a lovely trip to see your sons! Those sweets like absolutely delicious and it's so good that you managed to snap a picture of all of you. If it helps I lost quite a bit of weight when I first went to uni. I think it had something to do with not having my mums cooking anymore and lots of parties! Ooops! But come Christmas time it all went back on again haha. Nottingham looks really cool, I love markets and yummy stalls so this would have been right up my street. I'm glad your boys are enjoying uni. It must be reassuring to know they're ok. x

  12. Chloe Ciliberto says:

    p.s. I forgot to say two things…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes/leaf picture. Such beautiful colours. And also thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather

  13. sam r says:

    Great pics, love the different colours. I bet it was great to check up on your son's 🙂 X

  14. Nicole Mölders says:

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Great outfit for fall!

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