Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop. Hello friends, so how are you today?

Wow how quick is the summer going? 

Fun In Skegness:

Today I am sharing some fun from a day out Skegness. We love to visit Skegness when we can as it is only a couple of hours drive away from us.

Two hours away from miles and miles of sand, yummy donuts and ice creams, donkey rides, and slot machines. What’s not to love?

Wednesday Blog Hop

I love to see the donkeys on the beach. They are so sweet. My uncle used to have his own donkeys on this beach, many years ago.

Little Donkey: Wordless Or Not So Wordless Wednesday. 

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

Ice cream, anyone?

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

With raspberry sauce, yes please!!

See what Mollie really thought of the beach. Mollie The Collie On The Beach.

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

I love this photo of the lighthouse near the boating lake. I added a painting affect from a photo app and love how it turned out.

Looks like my dad did too. He printed it out and framed it.

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

Grab a deck chair with me?

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

Anyone up for any scares? A ride on the ghost train, anyone?

Blog Hop

My kids just love the slot machines. I bet all kids do?

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

Fun In Skegness: The Wednesday Blog Hop

A walk around the fairground is always called for.

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  1. Wry Mummy
    27 August 2015 / 15:44

    Great photos, I like the montage at the top particularly. My boys would love that giant minion! Hope you had a lovely day out. x

  2. Jaymie Ashcraft
    26 August 2015 / 16:56

    Beautiful photos!!!!!!Jaymiewww.jaymieashcraft.comFridays Fashions link up

  3. pixiedusk
    26 August 2015 / 15:59

    We have this same weather today! So nice to go to the beach when its sunny!

  4. Patrick weseman
    26 August 2015 / 14:42

    Looks like a really fun time

  5. Studio Kaufmann
    26 August 2015 / 14:17

    I am loving your photos. They are so pretty. I'm from UK but now living in USA we are still roasting over here. Send us some drizzle. Excited that my cushions made their debut on GMB.

  6. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz
    26 August 2015 / 11:25

    Love this series!Here's mine: What to Wear to Go Hiking in Yellowstone Park.

  7. KARA
    26 August 2015 / 11:23

    Gorgeous photos xx

  8. Kristi Maloney
    26 August 2015 / 11:07

    Great photos Claire. (I wrote your name incorrectly and thus deleted my previous comment.) It looks like a wonderful day out. I agree – the summer has gone by way too fast. Back to school on Monday! Have a great week!

  9. Keith Hillman
    26 August 2015 / 08:27

    I do like to be beside the seaside…!Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  10. kewkew
    26 August 2015 / 04:05

    Looks like a fun day.

  11. Mary
    26 August 2015 / 03:01

    What a cool fair! I love how you did both black and white and then color shots! Have a wonderful day Claire!

  12. Joyce Lansky
    26 August 2015 / 02:19

    Great photos. Our summer is long gone.

    26 August 2015 / 01:07

    Thank you for the party Claire.Hugs,FABBY

  14. Ai Sakura
    25 August 2015 / 23:04

    This is great!!! I know my girl would love the little pony ride 🙂

  15. Steph @MisplacedBrit
    25 August 2015 / 22:50

    Those are beautiful pictures Claire! I love the collage at the top :-)Thanks for hosting!

  16. Tamar SB
    25 August 2015 / 21:17

    Nothing beats the seaside in the summer!

    • 28 August 2015 / 08:19

      Thanks Tamar, I love the beach and Summer 🙂

  17. alissa apel
    25 August 2015 / 21:14

    I love that burro. What a fun day it must have been!

  18. Cascia Talbert
    25 August 2015 / 21:05

    Beautiful shots! Thanks for linking up at the Talbert Zoo. Have a great week!

  19. Diana M.
    25 August 2015 / 20:57

    Such beautiful photos! I'm suddenly craving an ice cream…

  20. stevebethere
    25 August 2015 / 19:21

    Love the photos I do like a funfair looks like Mollie does too heheh! Have a miniontatic week 🙂

  21. Karren Haller
    25 August 2015 / 20:11

    Mollie sure is growing, the fair looked like lots of fun. I would love a cup of coffee from the lighthouseThanks for stopping by to share on the #OMHGWW this week!Have a great week!Karren