Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge, London

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge. Hello friends. Happy Monday. So how are you today? All good, I hope. Hasn’t the weather been amazing over the last few days? I have been loving the sunshine!

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Near Tower Bridge

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge:

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge. On the blog discover endless fun in the sun near Tower Bridge!

Experience the perfect blend of history and leisure as you explore iconic landmarks, bask in scenic views along the Thames River, and indulge in exciting outdoor fun with me.

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge

Last week on Thursday, we did something we have not done since October of last year. Travel to London by train. So exciting that we can now start visiting places again. I love London too.

The weather was amazing too. So double the fun. We stayed for the night and on Friday morning we were up bright and early. A few fun photos by Tower Bridge and near the water display before it got too busy.

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge

Little fountains of water, how sweet!? I didn’t realise but the little fountains turned into big ones and guess what!? Yep, my husband caught it all on film, here if you want to see it: “What’s My Age Again?” 

In other news; So the end of an era from Friday. 4 kids and 25 years of taking them to school has now stopped.

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge

Both my youngest two finished school yesterday and both onto a new chapter of their lives 😵😵

As for me, I never want to grow up 🤡🤡 ( See video above!!).

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge:

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day by the water or thrilling adventures, this vibrant destination offers something for everyone. Plan your sun-soaked to London near Tower Bridge now and create unforgettable memories under the bright blue sky.

When you realise the fun little water display is also big bursts of water too!! It was a good job it was a warm morning to dry all my back!! Ha, so much fun though.

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge

Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge What I Wore:

Dress: Primark | Scarf As A Belt: Claire Justine Shop | Shoes: Converse | handbag: My Shop Too

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Near Tower Bridge

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Fun In The Sun Near Tower Bridge

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Near Tower Bridge
Claire Justine
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  1. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    7 June 2021 / 01:27

    Oh no! The look on your face is priceless, Claire! Thanks so much for popping over and visiting my blog – I just made it to last week’s link-party – thanks for the invite!

  2. 5 June 2021 / 20:20

    How fun, Claire! First, I love that dress with the scarf around the waist. Second, congratulations to your kids moving up and on! And last, these photos are so cool!


  3. Lovely
    2 June 2021 / 06:14

    It looks like you had so much fun! Love the pictures!

  4. 1 June 2021 / 16:15

    Thanks so much for hosting this linky. I hope you enjoy the recipes I have linked up this week!

  5. 1 June 2021 / 07:31

    Glad you had fun in London! Tiny typo in your post: “So exciting that we can not start visiting places again.” I think you mean now rather than not. My youngest is finishing school this year too and I think I am more excited about it than him! No more arguments about homework 😉

    • 1 June 2021 / 17:10

      Thanks Lisa, I am so good at typos :):) I did mean now. I will change it now. It will be strange never having to do the school run again! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Patrick Weseman
    1 June 2021 / 01:45

    Looks like such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it. Very cool.

  7. 31 May 2021 / 18:35

    Ha ha, I know those fountains, they had me fooled when I was a kid. I’ll bet children grow up way to fast! Have a good week!

    • 1 June 2021 / 16:59

      Thanks Nancy. Aww they do. So amazing how quickly they grow up, really!!

  8. 31 May 2021 / 13:09

    So much fun! We always love water and those are some fantastic water fountains. Children growing up.. parenting has been interesting for us lately but it was really nice to see all of our kids having fun playing in the dark with the neighbors last night.

    • 1 June 2021 / 16:53

      Thanks for joining us. The water always makes for a fun photo 🙂

    • 1 June 2021 / 16:53

      Thanks for joining us. The water always makes for a fun photo 🙂

  9. 31 May 2021 / 12:08

    Brilliant photos Claire. The last one is a classic! Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today x

    • 1 June 2021 / 16:52

      Haha, thanks Gail 🙂 My husband loves keep showing me this one!!

  10. 31 May 2021 / 10:59

    That last photo really made me laugh out loud!!! It looks like you had a fabulous time in London. I’m so envious!! Love the creative photos, Claire.
    Suzy xx

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