The Gallery: Week 51: Photo Challenge, Education

The Gallery: Week 51: Education.

This week over at The Gallery blog hop, the theme is Education.

The first thing that I thought of was;

“Oh no”

 It has been a long, long time since I went to school….

So for me, Education means to me; Learning something new…

The Gallery: Week 51: Education

The Gallery: Week 51: Education:

I hold my hands up when I say I’ve never been interested in taking photos. The reason being, I’ve never been any good at taking them!!

Birthdays, holidays, Christmas I’ve always let my husband take the pictures because he can take a good picture and never blurred like when I take them!

I don’t even know why or what made me start but about 4 weeks ago I decided to have a go. Yeah.. We were going to London for the day and what better time to get practising!? If you can not take a good photo in London, you can not take one anywhere.

I thought these will all be taken by me. Today, nobody will be allowed to use the camera!! Unless they were taking a photo of me….Haha!!

The Gallery: Week 51: Education

When I got home I was really pleased with the pictures I had taken. I have not stopped taking photos since.

I love taking photos now and I’m learning to edit them too.

I’m so surprised at how good they look ( maybe just to me). I  have a lot to learn but that is all the fun about taking them.

I’m thinking and planning lots of interesting places to go now to take some great pictures.

Being a stay at home mum, and all my children are at school, full time means I have more time to learn something new.

I’m learning everything at the minute photos, blogging, making cakes, grow healthy recipes and everything I can learn do with running! Also fashion and vintage photography. Also when my nails grow hopeful some nail art…..

The Gallery:

Week 51: Education

You really never stop learning, do you?

I’m learning something new and exciting every day.

What would be your take on Education?

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