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The Gallery: Dads: Photo Of A Dad Challenge

The Gallery: Dads: Photo Of A Dad Challenge.

Today on The Gallery the post is Dads.

The Gallery: Dads: Photo Of A Dad Challenge

The Gallery: Dads: Photo Of A Dad Challenge.

This is a rare photo of my husband with all our kids together on on photo and without anyone pulling a face!

Oh wait a minute my oldest son is pulling a face this will teach him to smile in future.

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This is my morning so far..

My Morning.

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The Gallery: Eyes.

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This week over at The Gallery blog hop, the theme is something that starts with T.

Since starting taking lots of photo’s from around February I have taken load of pictures of Trees and love how different they look throughout the seasons.

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Over at The Gallery this week the theme is Action for us to interpret the theme any way we like. For us we are a family who love to run me, my husband,my 2 oldest boys are all runners.

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Shoes, who I love my shoes. 

Could it have been any easier!?

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This week over at The Gallery the theme is : Animals

With 4 children I don’t have much spare time for animals.  I do love all animals but if I had to choose my favourite animals are dogs,I love them and like how they show you unconditional love back. Maybe when my kids are older I may have another one but until then.

The Gallery : Animals.

The Gallery: Dads: Photo Of A Dad Challenge

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7 responses to “The Gallery: Dads: Photo Of A Dad Challenge”

  1. PippaD says:

    It's still a great family photo!

  2. Working london mummy says:

    so cool – a great photo! where are you?

  3. The Alexander Residence says:

    No mean feat to get everyone together. What a cool bunch! Reminds me, I don't think my brother did a straight face on a photo between the age of 13 and 30….

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments,This was Butlins in Minehead 🙂

  5. helloitsgemma says:

    love the family photo – great capture and I love funny faces in photos – makes it more 'really how it is'

  6. Dianne x says:

    Fab family pic, I hardly get pics of all mine together x

  7. Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' says:

    A very fun photo! Looks like you have a fun, busy family life 😉 x

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