The Gallery: Mustachioed Is This Week’s Theme

The Gallery: Mustachioed Is This Week’s Theme.

Well I’ve thought long and hard about this week post as Tara @ The Gallery. She is giving one of us a chance to win a  a Panasonic HM-TA1 High Definition Mobile Camera by linking up and sharing a Mustachioed photo or two.

My first thought when I heard what the theme was going to be was my Dad.

With a  real moustache you could say he has been Mustachioed.

The Gallery: Mustachioed Is This Week's Theme
The Gallery: Mustachioed Is This Week’s Theme

And because this is a competition I thought I’d add a little fun to this as my 2 oldest sons have already started to grow there mustache but you cant see it on this photo so I decided to do a little photo art.

You do know if they ever see this they wont be very impressed!!!!

So hopefully they will not, HA-HA!

All my life I have felt tall.

Long gone are the day’s when they never made trousers for tall people.

Now I feel tiny,my son on the left is only 14!!!

I think he may be the one who ate the last millionaires shortbread as there is a hunt going on to see who ate the last one.

My son on the right is near 17.

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7 responses to “The Gallery: Mustachioed Is This Week’s Theme”

  1. Herding Cats says:

    Ha ha! Fantastic pictures and very creative moustache art!

  2. this is us says:

    Just found you through The Gallery. Your dads 'tache is like my father in laws, love it. Read your post from sat, very inspirational,I,m 32 and not into exercise, but would love to be, good to know its not too late. Will be following. Nat.

  3. Thanks for the comments,Thank you Nat for the lovely comment will pop over and follow you too 🙂

  4. spudballoo says:

    Waaaah, how funny. Loving your dad's tache, that's a PROPER tache 😉

  5. Dianne x says:

    Loving your handy work. Great pics. Made me laugh about the last piece of millionaires shortbread.

  6. Elle and Belle says:

    Gosh, it's scary how big boys grow! Mine are 3, 5 and 7… just thinking how big they'll be in a few years

  7. Thanks for all the comments,Dianne it was him! lol :)Elle and Belle it is scary how big they grow….:)

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