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Get Fit Or Eat Pie Trying # Week 1

After the kids being off for six weeks my training has started to get better it’s so much like hard work trying to get fit with 4 kids off school.

We booked a marathon but didn’t get chance over the holiday to get the miles in so now my goals have changed again I am now training for this year –

For me its Get Fit Or Eat Pie Trying “


  1. A under 2 hour half marathon 
  2. A under 50 minutes 10k 
  3. And if I do get in London-just to be able to run a marathon!!

This week I have had time to start back with my training-

Friday- 3 miles run on the treadmill + half mile swim
Saturday – 9 miles run

Sunday – 3 and half miles run

Monday – 7 mile run + 3 miles treamill run in afternoon

Tuesday – 5 miles reps + warm up/cool down

Wednesday – 1 hour weight class + 6 miles run

Thursday – 5 miles warm up,reps and cool down

Loving having time to exercise.

How about you!? Have you found any spare time to exercise this week?

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