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Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down

Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down. Hello friends. How are you doing this sunny Tuesday morning?

Happy here because yesterday after months of not seeing my Mum and Dad due to corona-virus, we eventually got to visit.

Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down

Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down:

So after months of waiting… We eventually got to see my mum and dad today… 💕 😁 Can’t wait to hug them again 😍😘 Xxxx

Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down

Here in the UK lock-down rules are starting to change and as of yesterday we can start to visit family or friends outside on their garden.

We chose to visit my parents as it has been months since we last visited them.

We have kept in touch through apps Like Skype and House Party though, which has been great.

Where would we be if we could not speak to family face to face like this?

When we Skypee my Son it is like he is in our room when he is on the big monitor!!

Getting To See Family After Months Of Lock-down

Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down:

3 Generations. My mum in the middle and daughter on the left.

Now all I need to see is my 2nd eldest Son who does not live with us. The only problem with this is he lives 100’s of miles away from home so I can not imagine we will be seeing any time soon 🙁

My Mother in law is also 100’s of miles away from home too as she went for an holiday to her Daughters before lock-down and then could not come home so it will be nice to get to see her in Summer too.

The most important thing is everyone is safe so I do not mind not seeing them knowing this. I want the no hugging thing to be lifted by the time I see my son again as it has been so long since we last seen him!!

Have you been to see any friends or family yet?

Have you been keeping in touch with friends and family by apps like Skypee and House Party?

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7 comments so far.

7 responses to “Getting To See My Family After Months Of Lock-down”

  1. Heather says:

    That’s so wonderful you got to see your parents!

  2. Very cool. Nice family photos.

  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    So pleased to finally got to see your family – they are everything to us aren’t they! A lovely post Claire – many thanks. Jacqui x

  4. Claire, I love these photos with your parents! They are so beautiful. I am so glad that you finally got to see them. My in-laws just came to visit us this week because they missed the grandkids so much! They live nearly 300 miles away from us so we have been connected through video chat and stuff. But this is the first visit since we last saw them in February. I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  5. Such a difficult time this has been for all. Nice to see your happy smiles. Glad you shared them at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/06/48-years-with-this-guy.html

  6. What lovely photos of you all, so nice that you could get together. We have been using Facetime and Zoom to keep in touch with everyone as we are shielding Craig. It’s been a tough few months! x

  7. Joanne says:

    I bet that felt great! My mother in law and mother kept seeing us (and hugging us!) all through lockdown as they decided that was just how they wanted to live life so we social distanced together. LOL.

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