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Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

I love how every Summer the Gingham dress comes back into fashion.

I am a huge fan of the Gingham trend and I am happy that is gong to be huge again this Summer.

Did you hear about the circle skirt dress from Primark at £15 has sold out and people are selling in on Ebay for a lot of money? I missed this one!

Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

Anyway, I love Gingham and as soon as one dress gets old and worn plenty I look for another.

I had just popped my black and white one into the charity bag and then along came this navy blue and white one.

 You can imagine how pleased I was when I saw this dress on the sale rail in Primark last week.


We were having a look around the shops for new clothes for my daughter as she is growing so tall at the minute.

Eventually, I managed to talk her into having a look in Primark.

I noticed this dress straight away with my eyes like a magpie when it comes to finding a pretty thing.

Yuck she said, I am not wearing that. This is how I knew it would be suitable for my age group, lol.

Well if you don’t like it, I said “What about for me?”

Oh yes, she replied. It will look nice on you!!

Ok, sold!!


After chucking my old white ( but very old and mucky white) Converse into the Charity bag, I realised how much I missed them.

So for my Birthday, my Husband treated me to some new ones.

Whoo, they are a little bright at the minute!!

me and mini me

Trying to take a few photos and mini-me photobombing them!!

Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?
Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

What I Wore:

  • Dress: Primark
  • Belt: Old can’t remember where from, maybe Primark!
  • Shoes: Converse
  • Sunglasses: Primark

Talking of photo bombing…Mollie…

Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

Trying to get Mollie to sit and pose with me was hard work!! No way she says!! She does what she wants and she doesn’t want to pose!! Haha!!

The Gingham dress trend.

Are you a Fan?

I love Gingham but try to stay away from red. Red is my favourite colour but it reminds me of the kid’s school dresses.

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16 thoughts on “Gingham Dress Trend: Are You A Fan?

  1. Your gingham dress is darling and I love it styled with sneakers! Such a great summer look!JillDoused In Pink

  2. I love this dress and am a fan! I have that same thing in a top. Thanks for joining Ladies Who Link Up and hope to see you next week!Cheryl Tucker

  3. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of gingham, but that's because I'm a larger lady still finding her way fashion wise. BUT I think it looks fab on you, especially paired with the red belt x

  4. Love the gingham dress too, the shoulder detail is so pretty and love it with the chucks! Have a great weekend!jess xx

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