Go Me!! My Sunday photo

Go Me!! My Sunday photo or should I say photos!?
I have already started my kitchen makeover plans.

So far so good.

I have successfully cut up my worktops to make a kitchen island!!

Go Me!! I was very nervous cutting this worktop up, I can tell you. My hands were shaking and not just from the electric saw. I was worried about cutting it up wrong. Or measuring it up wrong so I cut it up wrong!! If you know what I mean.

No worries though, it was spot on. Now for making my kitchen island up. Hopefully, that will go smoothly too. I love doing DIY jobs and getting all crafty, but not if they go wrong. It could work out very expensive if it goes wrong. Thankfully this idea did not go wrong.

Today I was going to share a back to school photo but after 6 weeks off school how do you get your kids to smile at the thoughts of going to school and doing lots of work again? Lol! No way was they please about going back.

Oh go on then, I will still share a picture with you!

My baby is not a baby no more. She has just started secondary school!! How can this be? Time sure does fly.I will miss walking her to school now. I am jobless.

Time really does fly! My older boys are both at Uni too.

Do you like DIY jobs?

Do you always achieve what you set out to do or have you ever done a job wrong and it worked out expensive? I would love to know!

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Go Me!! My Sunday photo.

What Sunday photo will you be sharing today?

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  1. Coombe Mill
    11 September 2016 / 19:49

    Well done you on the photo and the kitchen, hope secondary goes well, mine are all there now too

  2. Margarett Murphy
    11 September 2016 / 17:30

    Looking forward to seeing finished kitchen pics ..good luck !!!

  3. Kim Carberry
    11 September 2016 / 14:39

    Good luck with the kitchen. It sounds like you have made a great start!hahaha at the back to school photo. lol

  4. Carolynne @ mummyendeavours.co.uk
    11 September 2016 / 13:44

    Aww my daughter started high school too this year! It's rather sad isn't it? But fab work on the worktop.. how clever you are 🙂 x #mysundayphoto

  5. Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    11 September 2016 / 11:36

    We're about to start painting our kitchen cabinets. I love your new work tops! The kids look adorable!

  6. Tamar SB
    11 September 2016 / 11:25

    Well done on the kitchen! Hope they're enjoying school!

  7. Laura Taylor
    11 September 2016 / 10:08

    Love the back to school picture. Good luck with the kitchen.

  8. OneDad3Girls
    11 September 2016 / 09:35

    Awesome work on the kitchen, bet it'll be amazing when it's finished Thank you for linking up