The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

I was tagged by Lara Brown at my Ramblings to answer The Guardians questions and answers!!

Here blog is called Larathebob if you would like to stop by?

Thank you Lara 🙂

The Guardian Questions And Answers

The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

The Guardian Questions And Answers Here Goes:

Which Living Person Do You Most Admire, And Why?

My Family for just being themselves and makes me proud.

Famous!? Carrie Bradshaw form Sex And The City(SARAH JESSICA PARKER) because she always looks great and fashionable in whatever she wears.

When Were You Happiest?

Giving birth to my 4 wonderful children.

What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Phoning directory inquirers and then they said “name” I told them mine, instead of who I wanted.

Aside From Property, What’s The Most Expensive Thing You’ve Bought?

Nothing much expensive but my husband has brought me a new camera, but something I’ve brought would be…trainers, boots or shoes. You know anything girly!!

What Is Your most Treasured Possession?

My beautiful, lovely, sweet family.

Where Would You Like To Live?

I love where I live but a bigger house here and a cleaner, gardener cook and a personal shopper would always be great.

What’s Your Favourite Smell?

Any food! Indian takeaways, chip shops, fresh bread, KFC anything to do with food really.

Who Would Play You In The Film Of Your Life?

My husband compares me to Phoebe from Friends because I’m daft, but he say’s in a funny way!? and I harmless just like her!

What Is Your Favourite Book?

No time to read with 4 kids a blog and the Internet.

The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

What Is Your Most Unappealing Habit?

You should ask my husband but then again how long you got?

What Is Your Earliest Memory?

Like forever ago…. Hmm…..When Santa use to come and fill the room full of presents just for me!

What Is Your Guiltiest Pleasure?

Cake, chocolate, cake, sweets, cake, wine, cake, chips, pizza, cake, biscuits who and cake.

What Do You Owe Your Parents?

If you asked my dad this he would say “Everything” Ha-ha.

To Whom Would You Most Like To Say Sorry, And Why?

My husband because I am a spoilt only child!!

What Or Who Is The Greatest Love Of Your Life?

My husband, children, family. They are all amazing!!

The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

What Does Love Feel Like? 

Like eating cake, lol…No but you feel happiness for your loved ones when they are happy and sadness when they are sad.

What Was The Best Kiss Of Your Life?

My Husband.

Which Words Or Phrases Do You Most Overuse?

 I’m just having my five minutes on the computer.

What Is The Worst Job You’ve Done?

I’ve enjoyed all my jobs. Then again I have not had that many.

If You Could Change One Thing From Your Past, What Would You Change?

Nothing. Well if one it would be never eating cake. Ha, how much lighter would I be? Would I be much faster when I run? How much more money would I be? How healthier would I be?

What Is The Closest You’ve Come To Death?

Felt like I was dying when I had a tooth abscess. It felt like someone was pumping my face up until it burst. I had never been so scared!! I really though I was going to pop!!

What Do You Consider Your Greatest Achievement?

My 4 utterly adorable perfect children. They are all so clever too!!  (unlike me LOL).

When Did You Last Cry, And Why?

I just did!! my husband wipe my photos I spent all day yesterday taking. Being the clever person he is; he manage to get them all back on the memory card again. So smiling again now!!

How Do You Relax?

Relax 4 kids….lol….lol….lol….

The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

What Single Thing Would Improve The Quality Of Your Life?

That would have to be : Money!!

What Is The Most Important Lesson Life Has Taught You?

Enjoy life because you don’t stay 21 forever.

The Guardian Questions And Answers.

The Guardian Questions And Answers

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The Guardian Questions And Answers: Answered By Me!!

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  1. Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
    23rd April 2011 / 10:18 pm

    Funny post!Just discovered your blog and I love reading it!:)

  2. Ofelia
    23rd April 2011 / 11:54 pm

    Is quite lovely to read some of your answers and realized that I would answer some questions the same way; specially those related to the kids, rest and money!

  3. Dianne x
    24th April 2011 / 7:51 am

    I have to agree I never get time to read either. Happy Easter xDianne X

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