Halloween Accessories From Accessoryo Review

year for as far back as I can remember me and the children have fun scaring each other at Halloween.

My oldest 2 now aged 18 and 15 have now grow out of it I notice they still enjoy the party food after we’ve been out though!!

My youngest 2 still enjoy the whole experience.

Around this time of the year we spend weeks planning what the kids want to wear for dressing up and we buy lots of decoration and food for a little family party.

(With 6 of us it is like a party everyday!!).

After they have had some fun trick or treating.

I can always guarantee at least one of my children will ask ‘why don’t you get dressed up mum’ ?

I always reply I spend all my time getting everything ready for all of you and I’ve forget to pick something up for myself and I off I go out with them in the cold.

This year I wont be cold thanks to Accessoryo who have just sent me these fun products to review including this warm hat ..

Better the devil you know!!

Devil Style Nepal Hat


Skull Fashion Leggings


About Accessoryo in their own words:

At Accessoryo, we’re mad about accessories.

Long-time lovers of fashion, we subscribe to the theory that accessories maketh the outfit.

Without statement accessories a would-be hot look becomes a limp shadow of its potential.

Do you ever see a celebrity cruising the red carpet without truly fabulous accessories? Exactly!

So, we came up with a concept that will keep you in fresh, exciting and individual accessories to make your look unique to you..

We’ve thought of everything, because we know that sometimes your look just can’t be put into a box.

So with that in mind, we’ve set up a function that lets you search accessories across all our sub-culture shops.

At Accessoryo we’re committed to providing you with an unparalleled, hassle free shopping experience.

After all, accessories are supposed to be one of the fun things in life!

That’s why we’ve set up a customer care line, order tracking service and completely secure payment systems, so you can trust in our service.

What I think of Halloween products from Accessoryo:

These are such fun products I will be wearing the hat up to and  around Halloween and I will even be taking my hat on a run with with me now the weather has turned cold.

The leggings are so much fun but I can’t fit into these they say one size being a size 10 they are way to small I think they would be great for a size 6-8 but anything over this they won’t fit, I sure my daughter will have fun wearing them.

About this review-

 I was sent some products for the purpose of this review,I have added all links in and all opinion on the products and website are my own

Claire Justine
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