Halloween Challenge From Poundland

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00

Hello friends. It will not be long until the ghouls, ghost witches and monsters are out walking the streets scaring people.

Poundland set me a challenge to stock up on essentials from their Halloween range.

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00

How much could I get for my money?

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00

They gave me a £10-00 voucher to spend in store to see what we would buy for Halloween.

As a customer of Poundland we like their shop because of the huge range of products they always keep in stock and we always know when we go in we will get a bargain.

Their Halloween section is huge and you can get loads of things you need for a great Halloween party without spending loads of money.

Halloween Essentials:

Make-up, party-ware, decoration and costumes are all great value for just £1-00 each or for a limited time 6 for £5-00.

So for the boy’s they can dress up as Frankenstein’s monster or the devil and girls can dress up as witches on broomsticks with matching hats.

Don’t miss out on these great flashing eye ball bouncy ball or the light up ghost that we got.

We already have our costumes ready so we went for things to make a scary party here is what we got.

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00


Hair And Make Up:

That is hair and make up covered!!

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00

Grr, who is this?

Fun Halloween Masks:

Who’s the witch!?

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00

Halloween Bouncy Balls:

Scary eyeball balls!!

Halloween Party Cups And Plates:

Party essentials covered.

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00


Fun drink holders!!

Cool lights.

What do you think of my bargains?

Whether you are Trick or treating, having a party or just waiting for the monsters to visit they have something for everyone…

Don’t forget to check back on Halloween for more scary pictures 🙂

Halloween Challenge From Poundland: How Much? £1.00.

What will you be up to on Halloween????

Trick or treat????

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