12 Halloween Recipe Ideas: Halloween Party Ideas

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas. Hi, are you looking for some fun Halloween recipe ideas to make with the children this year?

Are you planning a Halloween party?

Hosting a children’s fun get together or simply looking for something fun to make for your children?

Here are some recipes I have shared on the blog over the last few years.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

From scary bleeding eyeballs to jacket filled potatoes. There is something here for everybody. Dare you make any of these though?

Here Are 12 Halloween Recipes Ideas For You To Try Out: 

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

1.) Halloween Eyeballs:

How much fun are these Halloween Eyeballs?

Very, very scary!! Frightening eyeball, eek!!

Dare you make then, dare you to eat them?

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

2.) Halloween Fiery Jacket Potatoes:

Mum, what is for dinner? Stuck for ideas?

Well, how about trying this Halloween Fiery Jackets Recipe?

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

3.) Halloween Jellies:

These Halloween Jellies with jelly snakes popping out the top of them are definitely fun.

The kids would love making and eating these!!

I bet they would love eating them too.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

4.) Popcorn Toffee Apples:

We always had some kind of apples around Halloween.

Chocolate or toffee.

These Popcorn Toffee Apples are so much fun to make and eat.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

5.) Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples:

2 recipes for the price of one: How about making some Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples. Yummy and scary.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

6.) Halloween Chocolate Pots:

These RIP Halloween Chocolate Pots are a cool idea.

Are you planning a graveyard themed party?

Perfect for the adults too, yummy.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

7.) Creepy Halloween Cupcakes:

How about these Creepy Halloween Cupcakes?

Arrrggg.. Scary.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

8.) Halloween Carrot Muffins:

These Halloween Carrot Muffins are so much fun.

Who does not love yummy muffins?

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

9.) Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes:

These Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes are really scary.

Are they really edible!?

10.) Halloween Curried English Peas:

Love peas?

How about making these Halloween Curried English Peas?

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

11.) Witches Ribs With Vampire Toast:

How about this cool idea: Wiitches Ribs With Vampire Toast

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

12.) Halloween Cupcakes:

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas.

Finally, some I always make Halloween Cupcakes.

Now over to you, do you like to make Halloween treats?

Fancy making any of these?

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