12 Halloween Recipe Ideas To Make

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas. Hello friends, so how are you today? Happy Monday.

An updated post. So are you looking for some fun Halloween recipe ideas to make this year?

Are you also planning a Halloween Party? As today, I am sharing, 12 Halloween Recipe Ideas.

Some recipes I have shared on the blog over the last few years. From scary bleeding eyeballs to jacket filled potatoes.

There is something here for everybody. Dare you make any of these though? Get ready to spook your taste buds with these 12 Halloween Recipe Ideas!

From ghoulishly good snacks to eerie cakes, my collection will make your Halloween party a hauntingly delicious affair.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas:

Explore creepy yet scrumptious delights for a memorable and festive feast!

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You

Witch Halloween Costume:

What I Wore: Witches Hat: Poundland | Wig: Borrowed from my daughter (originally from Amazon) | Dress: H&M | Fisher-net Tights: Poundland’s Halloween Range | Shoes: Pinched From My Daughter

So Here Are 12 Halloween Recipes Ideas For You To Try Out: 

Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, Halloween Eyeballs.
  • Secondly, Halloween Fiery Jacket Potatoes.
  • Thirdly, Halloween Jellies.
  • Fourthly, Popcorn Toffee Apples.
  • Fifth, Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples.
  • Sixth, Halloween Chocolate Pots: Graveyard Special. 
  • Seventh, Banana And Coconut Ghoul Pops.
  • Eighth, Halloween Carrot Muffins: Great For Halloween Night.
  • Ninth, Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes.
  • Tenth, Ghost Cupcakes.
  • Eleventh, Blood Sucking Pumpkin Cupcakes.
  • Twelfth, Halloween Spice Biscuits.
12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

Recipe and photo credits: Total Greek Yoghurt.

Halloween Eyeballs:

Firstly, Halloween Eyeballs.

So how much fun are these Halloween Eyeballs? Very, very scary!! Frightening eyeball, eek!!

Dare you make then, dare you to eat them?

Raise your Halloween party with these eerie Halloween eyeballs!

These spine-chilling treats will watch over your festivities, bringing a deliciously creepy twist to your celebration.

Discover creative and tasty ways to spook your guests with our eyeball-themed recipes and ideas. Halloween Eyeballs. So scary.

Halloween Fiery Jackets Recipe To Make

Recipe c/o British Carrots Website.

Secondly, Halloween Fiery Jacket Potatoes.

Mum, what is for dinner? Stuck for ideas? Well, how about trying this Halloween Fiery Jackets Recipe? Add some sizzle to your Halloween celebration with this Fiery Jackets Recipe!

These spooktacular stuffed potatoes will ignite your taste buds and haunt your cravings.

Learn how to create a blazing Halloween feast that’s both delicious and devilishly fun. Get ready to set the night on fire! Halloween Fiery Jackets Recipe To Make This Halloween. So tasty.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas.

Recipe and photo credits- Bottle Green Drinks.

Halloween Jellies:

Thirdly, Halloween Jellies.

These Halloween Jellies with jelly snakes popping out the top of them are definitely fun. The kids would love making and eating these!!

I bet they would love eating them too. Get into the spirit of Halloween with our bewitching Halloween Jellies!

These wobbly, colorful treats are the perfect addition to your spooky festivities.

Discover fun and frightening jelly recipes that will delight both kids and adults alike. Dive into a world of flavourful, ghoulish delights! Halloween Jellies. So much fun.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

Recipe and photo credits by Lorna Wing for Lyles.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas:

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas.

Fourthly, Popcorn Toffee Apples.

We always had some kind of apples around Halloween. Chocolate or toffee.

These Popcorn Toffee Apples are so much fun to make and eat.

Experience the perfect blend of sweet and also crunchy with these Popcorn Toffee Apples! Step up your autumn snacking game with these tasty treats that combine the classic charm of toffee apples with the irresistible allure of popcorn.

Learn how to make this mouthwatering fusion for a delightful autumn indulgence. Popcorn Toffee Apples. So yummy.

Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples: Great For Halloween

Recipe and photo credit to Hobbycraft.

Fifth, Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples.

2 recipes for the price of one, haha! How about making some Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples. Yummy and scary.

Embrace the flavours of autumn with these fun Pumpkin Cookies and Toffee Apple.

Experience the warm cookies alongside the sweet, sticky goodness of toffee apples. A perfect pairing for a cosy autumn day or a festive treat for any occasion. Pumpkin Cookies And Toffee Apples. So good.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

Recipe and photo credit by Rachel’s the organic dairy.

Halloween Chocolate Pots:

Sixth, Halloween Chocolate Pots: Graveyard Special. 

These RIP Halloween Chocolate Pots are a cool idea. Are you planning a graveyard themed party?

Perfect for the adults too, yummy. Indulge in the spookiest of desserts with these Halloween Chocolate Pots. A Graveyard Special.

So dive into layers of rich, creamy chocolate goodness adorned with edible tombstones and eerie decorations.

A hauntingly delicious treat that will send shivers of delight down your spine. Unearth the recipe for a chillingly sweet Halloween experience! Halloween Chocolate Pots. Graveyard Special. So scary.

Seventh, Banana And Coconut Ghoul Pops. 

But Autumn is also a time to invest in your health, warding off bugs as the winter approaches.

As well as exercise, our health, of course, depends on what we eat, and little changes can make a big difference.

Wave goodbye to sticky, sickly toffee apples – surprise the kids with this fun but healthy banana treat instead this Halloween. Banana And Coconut Ghoul Pops. Arrrggg.. Scary. So tasty.

Halloween Carrot Muffins

Recipe and photo credits – British Carrots website.

Halloween Carrot Muffins:

Eighth, Halloween Carrot Muffins: Great For Halloween Night.

These Halloween Carrot Muffins are so much fun. So step up your Halloween breakfast or snack game with these Halloween Carrot Muffins!

These spooky and nutritious treats are perfect for the season, featuring a delightful blend of carrots and spices. Get ready to sink your teeth into a healthier yet scrumptiously festive option.

Discover the recipe now for a ghoulishly good time! Who does not love yummy muffins? Halloween Carrot Muffins. So good.

Ninth, Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes.

These Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes are really scary. Are they really edible!?

Are you looking for any fun adult party food for Halloween?

How about making some of this Frankenstein’s Fingers and Sheep’s Eyes? Such a fun and scary Halloween recipes. Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes. So much fun.

Ghost Cupcakes

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas:

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas. So much fun.

Recipe c/o Waitrose.

Tenth, Ghost Cupcakes.

So are you looking for things to bake for Halloween? Are you also making easy cupcakes with the children? In particularly, cupcakes?

So do you fancy making some of these ghost cupcakes? Great creative in the kitchen with the kids and make some spooky ghostly cupcakes.

These cupcakes are great for Halloween fun. Ghost Cupcakes. So sweet.

Eleventh, Blood Sucking Pumpkin Cupcakes: Hosting A Halloween Party?

Bloodsucking pumpkin cupcakes anyone?

Perfect for Halloween or any pumpkin patch party. So how tempting are these Blood Sucking Pumpkin Cupcakes? So good.

Twelfth, Halloween Spice Biscuits: Frightfully Fun Halloween.

Halloween spice biscuits anyone?

Fun and also so crafty. The kids will also love making these. Halloween Spice Biscuits, Yes, please!! Halloween Spice Biscuits. So good.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

Recipe c/o Total Greek Yoghurt, British Carrots Website, Bottle Green Drinks, Rachel’s The Organic Dairy, The Chia Co, British Carrots Website, Waitrose & Waitrose.

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas. So now over to you, do you also like to make Halloween treats? So do you fancy making any of these?

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas:

12 Halloween Recipe Ideas.

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