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Halloween Recipes : Creative Mondays


Hello and welcome to Creative Mondays!!

A linky party hosted by me, Clairejustineoxox and Judy from:  Judy h-jsThoughts .

How cool are Mondays!?

A place where you can link up all your creative post each week…. what have you all been up to this week?

Not sure if its my blog or everyone’s? but somethings going strange this week..

My pictures wont go bigger, my draft writing has change and everything seems to be going different ( even my words size is going different !!) . Is this what happens when you change from .blogspot to .com? or is it going like this for anyone else who is on blogger? …would love to know…

Talking of strange, I’m sharing some guest posts recipes this week for Halloween as I’ve been so busy filming a tumble dryer review I’ve not had time for much else…

Halloween Jellies
Frankensteins Fingers And Sheeps Eyes
Halloween Fiery Jackets
Halloween Carrot Muffins
Wiitches Ribs With Vampire Toast
Popcorn Toffee Apples
Halloween-Recipes Curried English Pea
Halloween Eyeballs


You can find all the Halloween recipes here

14 thoughts on “Halloween Recipes : Creative Mondays

  1. Thanks for the party ClaireLast week I had some problem with my blog. Instead of words some lines turned to signs…..Great Halloween collection

  2. Thank you for the party!I have not seen problems with blogspot. Strange things happening, must be Halloween thing…

  3. LOVE your Link up! I love sharing and discovering new ideas! Followed you via GFC! ๐Ÿ™‚ See you around! S.O.S. Mom

  4. Blogger does strange things sometimes event if you do not transfer to .com – Just keep an eye, strange things happened to my daughter as well lately – but it was resolved the next day -If you want to answer you said you were filming a review for a tumble dryer, what do you do exactly? is it for your blog, or another blogIf you want to answer you could do it via my e-mail – Ariane

    1. Thanks Ariane,thought it was ok then all my side links went to the bottom all day.Think i'm going to have to change my blog again after 8 days it still not gone to .com . My video was a review for my blog,just eveytime I filmed it my words kept coming out wrong lol

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