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Hampton Court Palace : How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hampton Court Palace : How Does Your Garden Grow? 

I have so many pictures of to share of Hampton Court Palace.

We visited here a few weeks ago, just finding time to go through picture is rare.
Since having a puppy I wonder what free time is? 

Today I am sharing some taken outside in the beautiful gardens. 

I have some many lovely photos to share at a later date to. 

It was the perfect photo opportunity here with so many beautiful things to look at and take photos of…

And just through the railings we could see some Deers..

7 thoughts on “Hampton Court Palace : How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. I could do with the deer fencing! I love the grandeur of the trees along the path. It must have been a lovely outing. #HDYGG

  2. I now want to go back and visit Hampton Court again – it's been a few years but I have the perfect excuse as very good friends live nearby. Those deck chairs are so cool

  3. it looks like a great time. i know all too well about taking too many pictures and not finding time to edit…

  4. Looks great – i haven't been there for years. Love the deckchairs and you can't beat a rhododendron ever! #hdygg

  5. We had some of our wedding photos taken in Hampton Court Palace gardens as we had our reception at a hotel across the road. I've always found it fascinating and we used to go a lot when I was a child.

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