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Happy Pancake Day…

Hope your having a fun Pancake day?

We have been making lots of panckes and so far today we have got through~

12 pancakes for breakfast ( 2 each for all 6 off us)

8 pancakes for lunch ( just 2 of us )

And now my oldest sons are just getting another 16 ready for an after school treat!

Here is a few ideas how on what to have with your pancakes if your still looking for ideas?

Flamed Strawberry And Chocolate- Crepes
Chilean Blueberry And pancakes
Chocolate Berry Pancakes With Minted Yogurt
Beetroot Pancakes With Eggs Smoked Bacon And Maple Syrup

We have ours with-

To name a few…

How Do You Eat pancakes?


6 responses to “Happy Pancake Day…”

  1. Winnie says:

    I confess – I don't remember the last time I ate pancake, but now I'm craving one!!As long as it's sweet – I'd eat it NOW 🙂

  2. mrsmsmeanderings says:

    Still can't believe we forgot to do pancakes last night. They are on tonight's menu instead!!

  3. Agos says:

    That's a lot of pancakes! I usually prefer waffles, but those recipes look good 🙂

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