Harveys Bristol Cream Review: The Christmas Trifle

I got sent a bottle of Sherry to make and share my favourite Christmas recipe.

Harveys Bristol Cream Review.

Last week I received a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream to review which got me excited and thinking of Christmas.

Every year we buy a good quality bottle of sherry so we can leave Santa a nice small glass out to go with his mince pie on Christmas Eve.

Harveys Bristol Cream Review

Harveys Bristol Cream Review:

I have been thinking of some recipes for the adults to share, maybe a Trifle, a mince pie or two or whatever new recipes I can think off for the adults only, of course.

All with a nice splash or glass!! of sherry, yum yum.

My all-time favourite like most people is the classic Christmas trifle.

It never fails in hitting the spot.


The Christmas trifle:

My mum has made a trifle for Christmas every year since I was little and my Grandma always used to make wonderful Christmas trifles too.

Harveys Bristol Cream Review


  • 1 x 135g Strawberry Jelly tablet (that make 1 pint of jelly)
  • 30 ml Harveys Bristol sherry
  • 411g Can of fruit cocktail ( juice drained)
  •  110g (about 16-18) Trifle sponge fingers
  • 1 A pint of homemade custard (made up) I used 500g this time of freshly made up ( from fridges in the supermarket)
  • 300 ml Double cream
  • 250g Cooking chocolates
  • 4 Clementine’s/ satsumas peeled and broken into pieces
  • Candy canes for decoration

You Will Need:

  • Large trifle dish
  • Chocolate Mould


  1. Makeup jelly by putting broken jelly pieces into a jug and adding half a pint of boiling water, stir until all jelly has melted, makeup to just under 1 pint of liquid with cold water ( I make mine 30 ml less than a pint as the sherry will water the jelly down).
  2. Leave for a while to cool.
  3. Place the fruit cocktail into a sieve and drain all juice from the fruit (if not the jelly will not set properly).
  4. Place the fruit cocktail in the centre of the dish.
  5. Place the trifle sponges around the inside of the bowl any spare break up and mix with the fruit.
  6. Now the jelly should have cooled tip over the fruit and sponges, poor into the trifle bowl over the fruit
  7. Place in a refrigerator until completely set.
  8. If Making up the custard, make and set aside to cool, I used ready made this time.
  9. Melt the chocolate, place broken chocolate in a heatproof dish and place over some simmering pre-boiled water.
  10. Peel the little oranges and pat with a piece of kitchen towel so not to wet for the chocolate.
  11. Remove the chocolate from the heat.
  12. Place a few spoonfuls of chocolate in the silicon moulds, (I made 10).
  13. Dip the oranges into the chocolate very quickly as they are cold they make the chocolate set quickly.
  14. Once everything is completely set add the custard on top of the set jelly.
  15. Place the double cream into a bowl and whisk with an electric whisk until thick and creamy.
  16. Arranges everything on the trifle, custard first, then cream then the chocolates.
Harveys Bristol Cream Review

Harveys Bristol Cream Review:

About The Sherry-

Celebrate with Harveys.

The New Year is fast approaching, so embrace this time with a celebration. Gather family and friends to greet the New Year and share a special moment with Harveys Bristol Cream and these stylish serves.

Start the celebrations with a bang by creating the lavish yet simple Harveys’ Cup. Pop ice and a slice of lemon into a highball, add Harveys Bristol Cream and top up with pink lemonade to make the perfect party drink.

When the party is in full swing and midnight is approaching raise a toast to the New Year with a Harveys’ Spritz. Add one part Harveys Bristol Cream to an ice-filled wine glass topped with premium Prosecco and for an extra-stylish flair pop in a twist of orange. Stir gently and toast to new memories this New Year.

Aside from the festivity and celebrations, Harveys can be enjoyed on any occasion, so for more ways to enjoy a Harveys Half Hour visit the Harveys website –Harveys Half Hour.

Harveys Bristol Cream is widely available across the UK. The 75cl RRP is £9.41

About this post-

I got sent a bottle of Sherry to make and share my favourite Christmas recipe. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

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I got sent a bottle of Sherry to make and share my favourite Christmas recipe.


  1. Emily @amummytoo
    1 December 2013 / 10:40

    Very prettily put together indeed and sounds delicious. Thanks for linking up with #recipeoftheweek. I've pinned this post and there's a fresh linky live now – would be great to see you join in again x

  2. oana79
    25 November 2013 / 22:26

    Oh, sounds so delicious! Recipe to save for after the baby is born :-). Linking in from recipe of the week.

  3. Coombe Mill
    25 November 2013 / 13:04

    It is the sherry that makes it of course! Popping over from Recipe of the week

  4. Victoria Welton
    24 November 2013 / 09:51

    I LOVE Harveys Bristol cream, it always reminds me of Christmas 🙂 And that trifle sounds gorgeous 🙂 Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  5. Jaime Oliver
    23 November 2013 / 15:05

    Oh my this looks amazing!! i so need to have a go at making one this year, i love them but hubby hates them x

  6. Katherine Phillips
    23 November 2013 / 04:30

    This looks so delicious!!

  7. Kim Carberry
    22 November 2013 / 19:00

    Ohhh wow! That sounds delicious! x

  8. Erica Price
    22 November 2013 / 09:33

    Now it's been a while since I've had a sherry. I'm always surprised how much I enjoy it when I do and of course, it's useful in the kitchen too.

    • 24 November 2013 / 08:01

      Thanks Erica, we've not had it for a years and forgotton how good it tastes so I've made 2 this week 🙂