Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are

Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are Having One. Hello friends, happy Wednesday. Boy, how hot has it been over the last few days? So hard to sleep when it is this warm too.

How to dress in a heatwave?

Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, Long And Floaty Clothes.
  • Secondly, Cotton Or Linen.
  • Thirdly, Lightweight And Floaty.
  • Fourthly, Light Colours And Nothing To Bold.
  • Fifth, T-shirt Bras.
  • Sixth, Other Post Ideas.
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Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are Having One:

Are you having a heatwave where you are living? As we are here in the UK! Well, I am not sure if all of the UK is but we are here in sunny Nottinghamshire.

I hope it lasts a few more days as I am off work tomorrow and then this weekend.

Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are Having One
Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are Having One
Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are Having One
Over 40 fashion blogger

What to wear in a heatwave? As little as possible, I would say!

I am loving this hot weather but some clothes can be really irritating in really hot weather. Do you think so too?

So I am sharing a little list that I have wrote a fun list of thing’s I like to wear in hot weather. See if you agree. Also, you can share your thoughts in the comments below.

Heatwave And What To Wear When You Are Having One.

How To Dress For An Heatwave:

How To Dress For An Heatwave:

  • Firstly, Long And Floaty Clothes: Nice and floaty dresses are my favourites. Nothing tight and irritating. Nothing that will stick to your body when you need to move.
  • Secondly, Cotton Or Linen: Cotton is always my got to material in hot weather. When I was younger polyester used to make me come out in a rash. I can wear it a bit not but avoid it as much as possible in summer or hot weather. It sometimes makes my arms numb when I wear it in heat. Something that lets your skin breathe. Definitely nothing woolly!! Ha!
  • Thirdly, Lightweight And Floaty: Nice lightweight clothing as you don’t want heavy clothes on when it is warm. Floaty that gets the air to them too.
  • Fourthly, Light Colours And Nothing To Bold. As much as I love bright colours I try to move away from them in weather like this. Nice whites and beige are perfect for me. Pastel colours are great. Light colours are the coolest, colours such as black attract heat.
  • Fifth, T-shirt Bras: T-shirt bras are best for me in this weather as they have no irritation bars in them. Bars or bones (whatever they are called) are great when it is not too hot but for some reason when it is really warm I find them really annoying!

So what to wear now in the UK? Something floaty, cotton, light-weighted, pastel-coloured and comfortable is perfect.

How to dress in a heatwave? How about you, what do you like to wear in hot weather?

Today’s Outfit: Dress: Tu Clothing @ Sainsbury’s a few year old but love it so much || Sunglasses: TK MAXX

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  1. Lovely
    13 July 2022 / 9:26 AM

    The dress is beautiful! Love the embroidery details on it.

  2. 12 July 2022 / 12:09 PM

    I adore this dress! The embroidery and boho vibes are perfection. It’s been pretty hot here too!

    • 16 July 2022 / 5:50 PM

      Thanks Katherine, it is one of my favourites πŸ™‚

  3. samyuktha
    14 September 2021 / 3:45 PM

    I feel like you have described my wardrobe lol
    totally relate to this since i live in chennai where weather is basically hot, hotter and hottest hehe

    • 15 September 2021 / 11:02 AM

      Oh wow, we have cooler weather here now.

  4. Patrick Weseman
    10 September 2021 / 2:43 AM

    Looking so very nice.

    • 10 September 2021 / 10:41 AM

      Aww, thanks Patrick πŸ™‚

  5. 9 September 2021 / 5:29 PM

    We experience heat waves all summer long every summer here in Indianapolis, Indiana! Like you, I opt for light, floaty dresses in cotton, rayon, or linen. I skip all jewelry because it just makes me warmer. I love these photos with you in the roses. Are those in your garden?

    • 9 September 2021 / 6:19 PM

      Thanks Marsha. aww no. My dog use to eat all my flowers so I have never grown any.

  6. Lydia C. Lee
    8 September 2021 / 9:39 PM

    Def loose and cotton – with skin covered cos here you’ll get sunburnt.

    • 9 September 2021 / 11:18 AM

      Sounds great, Lydia πŸ™‚

  7. Joanne
    8 September 2021 / 9:18 PM

    That dress is beautiful! We are actually have cooler fall-like temperatures here in New England so I’m breaking out the pants and long sleeves.

    • 9 September 2021 / 11:18 AM

      Thanks Joanne. They say it won’t last long so I bet I will be wearing warmer clothes next week again.

  8. 8 September 2021 / 2:19 PM

    The humidity here the last couple of days has had me deciding to let go of my pants: skirts and loose clothes for the next couple of days.

    • 9 September 2021 / 11:15 AM

      Sounds like a good idea πŸ™‚

  9. Heather
    8 September 2021 / 1:22 PM

    I love that dress so much! It’s exactly what I would pick on a hot day! You look so lovely!

    • 9 September 2021 / 11:15 AM

      Thanks Heather, it is one of my favourites πŸ™‚

  10. 8 September 2021 / 1:13 PM

    Beautiful pictures Claire. Perfect dress for the mini heatwave! Thanks for linking

    • 9 September 2021 / 11:13 AM

      Thanks for stopping by Gail πŸ™‚