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Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park. Happy Wednesday Friends 👋 How is your week going so far? After a long weekend at work and a day off on Monday it soon got around to Tuesday and back to work again yesterday!!

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD

Relaxing Monday After A Weekend At Work:

A busy weekend for me at work as I work in a supermarket and lots of food was to be put out. Who needs the gym when your helping out on food anyway, ha!!

On Friday I just chilled all night after over 6 hours putting food out.

When I got home I just felts so sorry for myself and could not move. It was like I had been on a 6 hour workout at the gym.

What don’t kill you makes you stronger!? So they say and I soon recovered for my next putting food out session!! This reminded me I need to get fit again and ASAP!!

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD

Saturday and Sunday was not as tough I was pleased to find out, so I recovered well.

There is always that worry when you go to work in the back of your mind though.

Will someone come close to me who has covid-19. Will someone cough near you or touch something before you which does make going to work a little stressful at this moment in time.

I kind of like doing my photos in black and white at the minute because they don’t show I’m not wearing make up, my pale un- suntanned skin and grey hairs coming through, ha!!

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park:

These photos were taken on Monday. I had a nice lazy morning, few cups of coffee and a nice walk/jog to the park and back.

First time I’ve been out with the husband since lockdown which was lovely and he got me a few pictures too.

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD

So this is my lazy day outfit. I have just gone through my wardrobe to find out all my pretty summer dresses and I can not wait to start wearing them again. Have you started wearing your pretty summer clothes yet?

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD:

What I Wore: Mickey Mouse Top: Primark | Joggers: Tu Clothing Sainsbury’s | Trainers: Nike Air Max

What is the highlight of your week so far?

Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD

This one sums up our lives at the minute! Me and Mollie social distancing 😃 How are you coping with it all?

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12 comments so far.

12 responses to “Highlight Of The Day And A Trip To The Park: OOTD”

  1. Heather says:

    It’s the highlight of my day when I get to a park to walk around too! The Mickey sweatshirt is so cute, I like it in black and white and color!

  2. Joanne says:

    The highlight of my week is definitely the 2+ hour hike we took this weekend. The sun was shining and it was so nice to get out of the house.

  3. mireille says:

    I really go back and forth with wearing really cute and wearing joggers. But our favorite is spending time outdoors including eating outside,

  4. I love your lazy day outfit! So cute! I hope you stay safe and healthy working in the supermarket. And get lots of rest when you are home, too! Thanks for linking up with me, Claire!


  5. Jacqui Berry says:

    What a cute outfit to wear – isn’t it hard to find the right thing to wear – I want to be dressy, but casual always wins! Jacqui

  6. Hi Claire!
    Love your pretty dresses! I know what you mean as I have been not wearing much makeup and my grey is coming in too. My stylist is getting my color and it will be in a couple weeks that I do my own hair.. Going for walks is the highlight, as we get out in the sun and the dogs love it. Love to see Molly. My sister works at Costco here too and I get concerned for her.
    Stay safe,
    jess xx

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