House Chai: Fancy A Tasty Cocktail? Christmas Special

House Chai: Fancy A Tasty Cocktail? Christmas Special.

Fancy a cocktail?

Naughty Chocolate Chai
Bombay Winter PIMM’S

House Chai: Fancy A Tasty Cocktail? Christmas Special:


Glassware Large Chai Glass

Served Hot


Blend of 40% Darjeeling tea (fruity, spicy, light) and 60% Assam tea (more robust and giving the tea its dark colour) – 30 gm

Fresh Ginger -5 gm

Green Cardamom – 4 no

Clove -3 no

Cinnamon- half inch piece

Black pepper corn – 5 no

Water – 1.5 cup

Milk – 1 cup

Sugar – as per taste.


Add all the ingredients in water and let it brew for 10 minutes.

Add milk and let it boil for 10 more minutes.

Strain and serve.


Garnish Chocolate flakes

Glassware Large Chai Glass

Served Hot


House Chai 125ml

Wild turkey Bourbon 25ml

Chocolate syrup 25ml

Milk Foam


Build all in a large chai glass, stir all ingredients together then layer with milk foam.  


 Name Bailey’s Chai

Garnish 3x coffee beans

Glassware Chai glass

Served Hot or cold


50ml Bailey’s

125ml House Chai

50ml cream


Build drink in large chai glass, add cream to a shaker and shake hard then use a bar spoon to layer the cream on the top of the drink.

Garnish with a coffee bean.


Name Bombay Winter Pimm’s

Garnish Pomegranate seeds and orange peel

Glassware Large chai glass

Served Hot


Cloves 2

Cinnamon 3

Pomegranate juices 10ml

Ginger 1 slice

Orange rind

Apple juice 150ml

Winter Pimm’s 25 ml


Heat all ingredients slowly with steam arm (or warm gently in a pan – do not allow to boil).

Leave to stand for 2mins.

Strain and garnish.

House Chai: Fancy A Tasty Cocktail? Christmas Special.

Guest Post Credits – Dishoom.

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