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How To Make A Christmas Stocking

How To Make A Christmas Stocking.

Hello friends.

Want to know how To Make A Christmas Stocking?

How To Make A Christmas Stocking.

Today I will show you with a little help from my friends at Dunelm Mill.

How To Make A Christmas Stocking.

How To Make A Christmas Stocking:

What You Will Need:


Step One:

Cut you’re red/white felt into two stockings with pinking shears.

Approx. 40 cm (top to heel).

Step Two:

Cut out a square piece of felt the same length of the top of your stocking in a contrasting colour then lay it on top of one of the stockings and attach by using a simple running stitch.

1cm in from the edge, in red or white thread.

Step Three:

Decorate the tops of the stocking by sewing/ glueing on a selection of different embellishments to personalise.

Step Four:

Join your stocking by stitching both pieces together, finishing off by sewing on some ribbon for hanging.

Bottom of Form.

How To Make A Christmas Stocking

How To Make A Christmas Stocking.

About this post –

Craft and photo credit by Dunelm Mill.

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8 responses to “How To Make A Christmas Stocking”

  1. Radley Collector says:

    They look gorgeous. Its a great way to get the kids involved by making your own stocking. Great post.

  2. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Perfect colours for Christmas – red and white! They are beautiful Clairejustine.

  3. premar16 says:

    these stockings are adorable I had to bookmark this so I make these with my mentally challenged sister she will love these

  4. amy says:

    these are adorable and remind me of my childhood. what a sweet idea.

  5. Cecilia says:

    Your stockings are so cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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